The 10 best players in NBA history

The 10 best players in NBA history

Who are the 10 best players in NBA history? If there is something we love sports journalists it is to make lists with the best in any discipline. But certainly one of the most controversial lists is that of 10 best players of all time in the NBA.  Since + Colgados sport we propose 10 jugones.

To make the list of 10 top, writing + sport has taken into account various parameters such as rings made, All-Star shares or general statistics. he nº 1 the list is, possibly, the less discussed. Michael Jordan, It is considered by all lovers of the sport as the best player of all time. The rest of the list offers more disparate views. Hanging shoots ...

1-Michael Jordan

He won six rings with Chicago, where was the MVP in all finals and participated in 14 editions of the All-Star. Michael Jordan, He popularized the sport worldwide. As a player, It is the third leading scorer in the NBA, with 32.292 career points, as a trademark, Jordan has been the player who has earned more money in the sports world and one of the first athletes in history to make the most of your image. He noted for its spectacular dunks. dubbed Air Jordan, was player of the Chicago Bulls Y Washington Wizards.  He retired for the first time 1993, in 1999 and finally 2003. He came to prominence in sports such as golf and baseball.

2-Bill Russell

Considered the creator of basketball, You need to have 11 fingers to hang all his rings. It is the player with the most titles in history. More than 14.000 Rusell points, It was mostly a rebounder. With 21.620 catch is considered the best defender in history. He participated 12 times in the All-Star Game. He played his entire career in Boston, since 1956 a 1959. Bill is a living legend of the NBA.

3-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

It is the leading scorer in NBA history with a whopping 38.387 points and holds the record for games, defensive rebounds and minutes in the NBA. As well, is the player who accumulated shares in the All-Star Game, with 19 matches, only one was lost due to injury, almost nothing. Have 6 NBA rings and 6 MVP and was Rookie of the Year. Kareem could be the number 1 and nobody would argue. He is the man record.

best players in NBA history
Kareem Abdul Jabbar y Magic Johnson, two legends of the Lakers and NBA.

4-Magic Johnson

Magic gained 5 rings, He played 12 games and was All-Star 3 time NBA MVP. Magic excelled in all facets of the game.  As well, He was giving assists leader 4 occasions.  For some fans and journalists, his game without looking at his passing and speed contributed to the style of play the Lakers at that time was known as the “Showtime”.

5-Karl Malone

Malone is the second leading scorer in the NBA.  Their 36.928 points put him right between Jordan and Abdul-Jabbar. All this and 14 shares in the All-Star game, Utah make player (18 seasons in the Jazz and 1 an LAL), a classic sport. He is the only player from the list has not won a ring. They played two finals but were met with Jordan's Bulls. formed, along with the base John Stockton, one of the most important partners of the history of the NBA.

6-Shaquille O´Neal

O'Neal is the 6th leading scorer in NBA history with 28.592 points, as well as one of the top rebounders. With 4 rings and 14 shares in the All-Star Game, It is one of the most emblematic players in the NBA. Shaq O'Neal became the dominant force and greater presence of the NBA through its 2.16 tall and 147 kg (163 kg in seasons 6-12 of his career) which they made him famous for his physical presence.

7-Wilt Chamberlain

5º leading scorer in NBA history, their 31.419 points have been outscored this year by Kobe Bryant. 13 All-Star y 2 rings adorn their windows.  He is the only player to score 100 points in a single NBA game or average 40- 50 points in a season. Also he won 7 times the scoring title NBA, 11 the maximum rebounder, 9 Sometimes the percentage of field shots and even led in assists a season, It is the only non-base get. It is the player with the most records in history. His incredible statistics forced the NBA to change some rules of the game.

best players in NBA history
Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a game.

8-Moses Malone

Moses Malone is the 7th highest scorer of all time with 27.409 points. He participated in 12 All-Star and won 3 MVP of the season and a ring. Malone played for different teams during his career. TheSixers, Hawks, Spurs, Bullets, Bucks, Spirits, Stars y los Rockets, They enjoyed this NBA legend.

9-Larry Bird

21.791 points, 3 rings and 12 All-Star They are the calling card of Larry Bird to enter the list of 10 best players in NBA history. Famous were his duels against Magic Johnson in the years 80. Throughout his career, Larry Bird got 69 triple-doubles(59 regular season 10 in playoffs), which places it behind Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain and Jason Kidd as the fifth best of all time. Anecdotally, Larry Bird won consecutively the first three editions of the contest of triples of the NBA in 1986, 1987 and 1988.

10-Hakeem Olajuwon

9Th top scorer in the NBA (26-946 points), 2 rings and 12 All-Star They are the credentials of Hakeem to appear on this list. Olajuwon and Rockets They took advantage of the withdrawals of Michael Jordan for donning two titles. Ralph Sampson together formed the famous duo known as "Twin Towers”. Hakeem played with Charles Barkley, one that barely has not entered into this list.

best players in NBA history
Olajuwon fighting with Dennis “The worm” Rodman.

Writing + Colgados sport has not taken into account active players.


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