Neymar charges 375.000 euros…to applaud their fans

Neymar charges 375.000 euros…to applaud their fans
Neymar wins 375.000 euros to applaud their fans. PHOTO: The vanguard

A while ago we were talking about the rarest clauses, absurd and strange in the contracts of the players . However, it has Neymar on his contract with PSG and goes from brown to dark showing in some cases the football world has gotten out of hand in a shameful manner. And is that Neymar takes a whopping 375.000 euros as premium applaud their fans.

Something that should be logical, greet your own fans, also it becomes a business with the Brazilian involved. but he's not the only one, Brazilian Thiago Silva he also charges a figure well below that of his compatriot and fellow but not insignificant for ordinary workers and deadly, 33.000 euros.

Information that has been made public just after 'Football Leaks’ It has begun to make public various figures of soccer stars. And it is that the business environment is endless Neymar. Brazil according to this source, It would have claimed up to one million euros to announce a shampoo in Japan, China and Taiwan. modern football and footballers in bubbles, Gone are those days when the ball was currantes.

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