New technologies that will make golf a more competitive sport

Nuevas tecnologías que harán del golf un deporte más competitivo
Golf seeks to be a more popular sport

Last update 13 May, 2023 por Alberto Llopis

let's face it, golf is not exactly the most popular sport nor is it for all sports fans. It's more, many consider it slow and even boring. But the truth is that for connoisseurs and fans, this sports discipline is the opposite. In addition to its characteristics, such as the venues where the game is played and even the players themselves, are intrinsically associated with high society. Después de todos, most are exclusive clubs and the participants are usually very wealthy.

Of course, that doesn't mean golf isn't interested in expanding.. The opposite. Day to day, Hundreds of clubs around the world seek to facilitate the learning of this sport for the new generations, while raising the level of already professionals and those who are in training. Technology plays a very important role in this effort and that is why many companies are constantly working on the design of devices that allow them to achieve these objectives..

Improving through technology

The first technological tool that many golfers, especially the newbies, need is a range meter. These devices calculate the distance from your current location to the target, in such a way that the player more easily calculates how much force to apply, the type of club and technique to use. Although this technology has been around for quite some time, this year there were great advances in its precision, in addition to the design of the devices themselves, going beyond just the manufacturer's logo.

The second breakthrough is related to training; it's all about new swing seasons. When they have other obligations, amateur golfers cannot always go to their club to train. Apart, for practicality, most courses require more than one player per hole, so practicing is quite difficult. On the other hand, conventional seasons have very little realism and, por tanto, training on them is not as effective. With so-called smart shooting stations, both problems find solutions, because they have a high level of adjustment in terms of the inclination of the terrain, allowing a practice more adapted to reality.

By last, but not less important, we have the power tee. The first shot of each hole is undoubtedly the most important and for this reason they are the only ones in which the use of a support for the ball is allowed.. That is also the reason why many golfers dedicate a large part of their training to this shot.. No obstante, getting a steady practice rhythm is extremely difficult when you have to bend down to set the ball before each shot. The power tee does this automatically., providing greater comfort for this purpose.

Other initiatives

Promoting golf also involves reaching out to a larger number of fans and engaging with them.. And while the status must certainly be maintained, new technologies also allow a greater number of spectators to see and understand each tournament in a better way. That is why streaming services increasingly include more and better data, such as follow-up of the shot or the distances with each hole.

Considerable resources are also being invested in promoting golf betting.. This technique has been very successful in other sports such as soccer., por tanto, many organizations together with the best bookmakers work on the development of new betting markets, in such a way that fans can have a more complete experience in each tournament while enjoying the possibility of generating considerable income through this sport.

The easiest way to participate?

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An alternative

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With all those advances, it is clear that we can expect great advances in golf in the coming years and perhaps one day it will gain the popularity necessary to stop being seen as a hobby for executives and billionaires and instead be appreciated as the sport that it really is..

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