Qatar 2022: the details of the "Curse of the World Champion" that leaves France out of the event

Qatar 2022: the details of the "Curse of the World Champion" that leaves France out of the event

A few days before the football event that moves the world, there are many emotions, expectations and hypotheses surrounding Qatar 2022, among them the veracity of the so-called "Curse of the Champion".

On many renowned online news platforms such as SR sports, you can read about a rather peculiar theory: the bracket defending the crown is out of the event during the first round, in this case it would be the French team that, to complete the curse, I would leave the World Cup dream.

Origin of the "Curse of the Champion"

The theory is born in the world of 1950 being Italy its first victim when trying to repeat the winning feat. But nevertheless, The last three editions of the World Cup have been the main responsible for the force that the supposed curse takes.

In fact, the current world champion had his encounter with the “Champion's Curse” in 2002, when after becoming champions in the World Cup 1998, They were eliminated in the first round even though they were part of a fairly even group.

Italy and Germany gave way to theory

Overcome World War II, World Cup celebrations resume after 12 years of detention. Italy arrives at the competition adding two consecutive victories in the editions of 1934 Y 1938 and begins the theory that circulates today regarding the curse that tarnishes the luck of the champions.

at the World Cup in Brazil 1950, the Italian team debuted as the favorite candidate to repeat the dish, without counting the first appearance of the "Curse of the Champion" that forced him to say goodbye and go home in the first round of the tournament where he shared a group with Paraguay and Sweden.

The World Cup Russia 2018 it was the second scenario to make an appearance. in that edition, it was the German team's turn to suffer the consequences. as defending champion, Germany shared Group F with Sweden, Mexico and South Korea, a supposed advantage for the box that was running as the favorite.

The fate of Germany was the same as that of Italy in the World Cup Brazil 1950, the world was stunned to see the name of the selected in the last place of the position table and their respective exit from the first instance.

Spain, Italy and France reaffirm the theory

The squad with which Spain arrived in Brazil 2014, it was quite similar to the one that gave him glory in the previous edition of the tournament. "La Roja" had what it took for a guaranteed classification at least as the second in its series, when it was crushed under the power of the Netherlands and Chile.

The situation is not too different in the South African edition 2010, only the victim. Italy is again touched by the curse, that time in a Group F that did not pose a great threat to the “Azzurra” force, but from which he said goodbye without adding a victory.

The Korea-Japan World Cup 2002 further strengthens the theory, with a combined “Rooster” that, trusting in his triumph, debuted with the clear intention of extending the mandate, being Denmark and Senegal the pictures that truncated the objective sending it back home in the first phase of the event.

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