Levante aficionado asks to his girlfriend at halftime of a game

Levante aficionado asks to his girlfriend at halftime of a game
So he asked a fan of Levante marriage to his girlfriend, in front of 12.000 people and in the middle of a stadium. Photo: LaLiga123/twitter @LevanteUD

Saturday 18 February 2017, Levante wins 3-1 to Cordoba, wins his party number 18 of 26 and is unstoppable march towards the Primera Division and made the record for points in category. But nevertheless, on this day hardly be forgotten by Tania and Miguel, granotas two fans.

Ran the rest, when under the guise of his birthday, Tania was taken to midfield before the astonished gaze of the stadium that could be seen in the foreground in the video scoreboard Stadium. At that moment he came on the scene her boyfriend Miguel to make a gift that will never forget.

He and a few friends, they organized a surprise that left agape , since each of them had a card that was unfolding one by one until read 'Marry me’. A marriage proposal that how could it be otherwise, acabño with an 'I do'. The city is on foot to applaud Pusó in pareja. And it is that even a football stadium is a good place to find love and if accompanied by goals, it's better.

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