Can Barca play with those already baptized 4 fantastic?

Can Barca play with those already baptized 4 fantastic?
If Griezmann and Neymar arrive, can Barça play with those already baptized 4 fantastic?

Antoine Griezmann names and Neymar sound with great strength Futbol Club Barcelona. Griezmann announced at the end of last season that he would abandon the Atlético de Madrid discipline in July when his termination clause dropped to 120 millions of euros. It is assumed that the French end dress Barca, but the Catalan club has not yet deposited the money in the Federation to release the Principito.

Neymar He wants to leave Paris Saint Germain and from Barça they are studying how to get him to play again at the Camp Nou.

If Griezmann and Neymar finally arrived to Barcelona, anyone would think that make forecasts sportsbook it will be a simple task when it comes to establishing Barça's odds, but the arrival of both players would raise a question: Could they render playing together 4 fantastic?

Messi inside

Messi's mastery and reading of the game would allow him to delay his position and Starting from its place Iniesta. Football has plenty to do. The problem is that this is a demarcation that would demand a greater defensive effort. Messi is able to press and retrieve balls, but dispenses more attacking positions and read perfectly when to squeeze in recovering the ball and when you can ignore the move. Interior could not measure your efforts.

Then, Neymar and would leave Griezmann bands and Suarez occupy the position 9.

The defensive transition

The main question that arises from a possible alignment 4 Fantastic is how this would affect the defensive phase of the team. While Messi, Suarez and Griezmann have shown that they do not care sacrifice in defense, Neymar is a player much more suspicious in that regard. It is also true that they are used to working players after loss recovery rather long defensive efforts, with the exception, maybe, Griezmann, outstanding disciple of “Cholo” Simeone.

If the opponents get that first break Barca pressure, It could create a dangerous hole in the Barcelona defensive structure. Valverde should work on that aspect as the days of the new La Liga calendar.

Luis Suarez's replacement

Boateng's failed divestment from the past winter market was aimed at release and Luis Suarez to rest. With the arrival of Griezmann Uruguay could have more minutes of rest and position the players occupy more than enough quality as Messi or Principito.

Mediapunta Messi-Griezmann

, used to move on the grounds that treads Messi, could form a triangle offense fearsome if he meets the Argentine midfielder and Suarez appears ahead. This drawing would require much offensively to the side. Alba has already demonstrated its depth. With this scheme would yield Sergi Roberto, a priori, They place in the eleven Semedo, deeper. Neymar also go to the bench in this case.

Griezmann as a wildcard

The Frenchman must reoccupy demarcations of their time Real Sociedad, as he was leaving the band and took advantage of his uncheck, diagonals and good ball. Presumably your starting place will be right wing, but its versatility will allow you to give rest and alternatives to any of the Messi-Suárez-Neymar trio.

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