The comparative, in numbers, between Vinicius and Ansu Fati

The comparative, in numbers, between Vinicius and Ansu Fati
The comparison between Vinícius and Ansu Fati, the 2 pearls of Real Madrid and Barcelona. PHOTO: central defense

The Classic of last Sunday left many proper names, among which stand out those of two footballers: Vinicius and Ansu Fati. They are both called to be the stars of the future in the Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona, respectively.

However, the truth is that more than two promises are already a reality. Many of the responsibilities that the two most successful teams in Spanish football have to face on the pitch have fallen on them.. maybe, and given the situation in which the Barça betting for the young promises, This condition has been further increased in the case of Ansu fati.

It is because of that, and as usual in the world of football, the comparisons have arrived, debates and arguments that try to clarify who of the two is "better".

Then, we are going to provide data and objective statistics on the performance of each of them. From there, each to establish their own conclusions.

Comparison between Vinícius and Ansu Fati

Vinicius Junior

At 21 years, has become one of the great talents of Brazilian football, at the same time as the great hope of madridismo. Precisely, Vinicius Junior arrived at Real Madrid the summer of 2018 and debuted with the first white team, nothing more and nothing less, than a derby before him Atletico Madrid (29 of September).

Since then, He has played 130 Matches with the elastic madridista, in which he has scored 21 goals and has provided 28 assists. Its mean is 0,16 goals per game and 0,21 duel assists.

Ansu fati

It is one of the great jewels that it has provided The farmhouse in the last times. Canterano culé, debuted with the first team on 25 August 2019, with 16 years. Now, with 18, is the figure in charge of carrying the '10' of Leo Messi To the back, almost nothing…

His serious knee injury has left him in the dry dock for a very long period of time, so their continuity and contribution on the pitch were notably slowed.

Taking into account this circumstance, these are the numbers of Ansu fati azulgrana dress: 49 matches, 15 goals and 6 assists. This gives an average data of 0,30 goals and 0,12 crash assists.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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