The Young Stars Who Are Taking Over a Renovated Barcelona

Las Jovenes Estrellas que se están Apoderando de un Renovado Barcelona
The new generation of Barça youth faces a major challenge. PHOTO: FCB News

Last update 30 September, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

Having talented young people was what started the success that for almost two decades kept Barcelona in glory. Little by little the protagonists of such success have left.

Some have set out in search of new challenges. Others simply, they have left for not having the benefits of youth. This has opened the doors to young stars who want to make this new barça shine.

It will be necessary to have Football Predictions to have a clear idea of ​​what these guys will be able to do. Experts such as Luis Nuñez Canal de Mightytips in Spain let you see that the Football Predictions of this team will be influenced by the lack of experience of many of its players.

For this reason, the challenge that these young people will have will be very great. Since they will have to regain the confidence that has been lost in recent seasons.

Bet on the Young Stars

Barcelona has put its future in the hands of many boys. Many from La Masía and other young promises who have been signed

Some have already shown their ability and their star qualities, and they have managed to establish themselves in the starting team. Others wait for every chance to prove what they're made of. Although Betting on Youth is risky, the current situation of the club has forced it.

Nonetheless, Betting on Talented Youth is slowly paying off. Many of the boys, in the following list, they are already dazzling the world with their magic. And seeing the age with which they are establishing themselves makes betting on them attractive.

  • Ansu Fati, 18 years.
  • Pedri, 18 years.
  • Eric Garcia, 20 years.
  • Sergiño Dest, 20 years
  • Ronald araujo, 22 years
  • Oscar Mingueza, 22 years.
  • Riqui Puig, 22 years.

Ansu Fati Returns to Be the Leader of Barcelona.

The previous season started in the best way for Ansu Fati, scoring goals and giving assists. He made an excellent duo with Lionel Messi. Unfortunately, his season ended very quickly after suffering a serious injury. Even so, he left spectacular performances that made his value rise in the Transfermark market.

The expected return of Ansu Fati comes at a time of great need. This time without Messi in the team, but with the responsibility of taking his position as Leader of Barcelona. So much so that he has inherited the number 10. Maybe this is an incentive to have a Goalscorer Comeback..

Pedri a Young Person with Club and Selection Experience.

The season 2020-2021 it was long and without rest for Pedri. With a total of 73 parties (53 with Barcelona, 11 with Spain, 10 with Espanta Sub 21). In just one year he has gone from being a rookie to being an experienced and key young man for both the Barcelona coach and the Spain coach..

A lot of experience for such a young age. More of 5000 minutes distributed in league, champions, euro cup, and olympics, in just one year! Let us see that Barcelona is not leaving the team in the hands of children but of young people with experience and hungry for victory.

The New Generation of Barcelona

Last year the Barcelona team was a mix of young and old. This year there are few veterans left in the team and they are less and less untouchable. These are seen more outside than inside the team.

So a new generation of players has joined the youth of the previous year.. Everyone waits for their moment to show that they can help the team in this time of need.

The large number of new players has created an environment of competitiveness. Both in preseason and at the start of the league, the players of this current generation are giving up everything. The ones that have stood out the most so far are:

  • Yusuf Demir, 18 years.
  • Gavi, 17 years.
  • Nico Gonzalez, 19 years.
  • Alex Balde, 17 years.

This season will be a year of uncertainty and doubts. With so many young players in the squad you will need the experience and guidance of the veteran players who still remain in the team and those who came to reinforce.

Having accurate predictions will not be so easy taking the latter into account.. It will be interesting to see how the bookmakers value Barcelona and the expert forecasts that myghtytips can provide us in Spain.

Panorama for this Young Barça

The probable is that Barcelona seem the weak team whenever they face a top team. And at the time of facing a medium team, bets are even. That is why these young promises will have a great responsibility. Which is to keep the team among the best in the world.

The current team will have the weight of being compared to the team that was so successful in the past decade.. They will probably be singled out every time they lose, or fail some of their goals. And the main accusation will be the youth of its players.

Maybe we are witnessing the descent of Barcelona as a top team. On the contrary, Maybe we are seeing the birth of the new golden generation of Barcelona. Perhaps among all these young people is the next golden ball or the next Xavi, Iniesta or Messi.

The only thing that is clear is that Barcelona has rejuvenated. And in the current situation they can only occur 2 stuff. Achieve titles with this squad which would be a success or be left out of important positions as a mid-table team.

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