The resurrection of Celta de Vigo

The resurrection of Celta de Vigo
Iago Aspas leads the resurrection of Celta de Vigo: PHOTO: Brand

Disastrous can be called the beginning of the season of the Celta Vigo, although in recent years it has had a very poor performance, it seemed that this season 2020/2021 it was to be the consecration of his descent, the numbers and the game foreshadowed it in full.

But in a league as strange and competitive as the one that is developing, it seems that anything can happen. Check thanks to the great excitement of this league that does not stop offering surprises to football fans.

The Vigués Club has been what is called a reaction and performance change game with change of coach. Oscar could not do better and left a broken and desperate team with statistics that led him to the second division.

The defeats led to the dismissal of Oscar and to dream again of a coach who would turn the tables on him. Coudet was the chosen one, very unknown as a coach in Spanish soccer, doubts and fears were guaranteed.

There has been no time for bad press or opinions, the numbers are not wrong: 4 consecutive wins, 12 Points of 15. With such a tight rating, Celta de Vigo, being close to relegation, is in 8th position in the Spanish league.

An unthinkable reaction to how Celta's game was developing, which was unable to score victories and defeats were accumulating. Coudet has managed to create a team capable of solving the tragic situation and resolving it in a categorical way.

In other words, from being in decline to being placed at a point in Europe, how has this happened? Coudet has made a great revolution and has established a philosophy of absolute belief in his person, something that has been the cornerstone of Coudet's sports project.

Has removed doubts and fears, everything started from scratch since his arrival. The Mexican Néstor Araújo, Uruguayan Lucas Olaza, a Peruvian man Renato Tapia and the Colombian Jeison Murillo They have been the key pieces of his team scheme and have totally changed the way of understanding the performance of the Vigo club.

Mentality is another factor that has clearly changed. The scorer facet has been the most substantial change, achieving in 5 matches has scored 13 goals which greatly multiplies the chances of victory.

But the defense has also become much stronger, adding three consecutive clean sheets something typical of teams of another level.

All in all, Coudet has designed a team that responds to pressure and is capable of scoring both at home and away., being a true competitive team capable of beating teams in its league and those of higher rank.

Where is the goal of Celta de Vigo? Save the category for now, that has not changed and then see how far you can go. This year the League is going to give many surprises and Celta de Vigo can be one.

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