Vinnie Jones, tough guy Premier villain on the big screen

Vinnie Jones, tough guy Premier villain on the big screen
Vinnie Jones, a footballer who did not distribute candy on the field, turned into an actor. PHOTO: Brand

Vinnie Jones he is a very tough guy on the big screen where he plays the roles of the cruel villain in the movie. If any of our readers did not know, before acting, He was a professional footballer, of those who left legs. Some time ago, Colgados publish here an article by talking about football “The toughest guys Football, a list where without a doubt the good of Vinnie could not be missing.

Vinnie Jones, a tough guy in a gentleman's game

Jones excelled at the Wimblendon, in that legendary team named “The Crazy Gang“, a team of thugs who managed to win the FA Cup in 1988. As a whole exhibited a football not too bright but his rivals were afraid, especially for that other football where they were teachers. Surpassing the line many times throughout his career, Vinnie Jones exhibited a recital of bullying, black arts, violent inputs or various provocations. We could say that he was a master of the underground game. He was the leader of that team.

Vinnie Jones y The Crazy Gang
Vinnie Jones that led Crazy Gang. PHOTO: Mirror UK

its 1,86 cm, its plant bouncer and his face permanent bad grapes, They helped a lot to create the myth. He hated by many but also loved by so many, on the field he was the typical player who never left anyone indifferent. Undisputed for coaches, It was an ogre for rivals but the player you always want on your computer but never against. It was very hard, in fact he holds the record for the caution and the fastest expulsion in the history of the Premier.

A long career in English football before his jump to the cinema

Then he went through the Leeds, Sheffield United and Chelsea until he retired in 1998. After, although I certainly know our readers, He was dedicated to the world of acting, currently being an actor thus becoming one of those footballers who ended up as actors. Like is logic, playing tough guy roles or bully you tighten the pins. He has already acted in more than 25 titles among which Snatch stand out, pigs and diamonds, where the good of Vinnie makes malote with Brad Pitt, Jason Staham or Benicio del Toro among other good actors or Escape Plan where he sees two old legends of action films, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone .

Vinnie Jones are seen with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in his latest film.
Vinnie Jones meets Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in 'Escape Plan'.

Vinnie Jones not distributed candies

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