The president of the UD Las Palmas, arrested upon landing in Gran Canaria

The president of the UD Las Palmas, arrested upon landing in Gran Canaria
Miguel Angel Ramirez, President UDLP (Photo: UD Las Palmas)

Season Las Palmas is being completely daunting and as the weeks seems that the accumulation of nonsense does not come to an end. Relegation is already a fait accompli after the team's loss last weekend by 0-4 against Deportivo Alavés but the problems do not end there for the whole canary.

Press conferences of its technical, Paco Jemez, with statements more controversies, the comings and goings of players in the form of sales and new signings that nobody understood and have been occurring for some time to this part and now the arrest of its president, Miguel Angel Ramirez, On arrival at Gran Canaria.

Businessman, It is according to the newspaper La Provincia, He has been arrested this morning when his private plane landed on the island from Miami. The magistrate No. 6 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria had ordered search and seizure. He is accused of alleged fraud to the Social Security payable to several security personnel below the salary stipulated in the agreement of private security workers. Ramirez, You must declare before the judge tomorrow.

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