Cyclic errors Mexican soccer

Cyclic errors Mexican soccer

It had long common Mexican soccer aficionado did not live with the feeling of frustration that persists even after the defeat and elimination the Olympic Games 2016, where the Mexican national team came as a champion. And it is mounted on the success of the U17 representations 2005 Y 2011, and the gold medal won any law in London 2012 (in the previous Olympic cycle), we were not few people thought possible that gold could be repeated in Rio de Janeiro.

If to this we join the recent ridiculous in Copa America, With the largest selection, Many of us "refuge" in this U-23 youth representation with the illusion that again show us the way to success and triumph.

Especially when after the first day we saw we had the ever-powerful Germany on canvas and if you do not win was by own failures, offensively and defensively; and other respectable selected in the world Balompédica, as the local Brazil and Argentina the same, They began just showing ups and downs. That is to say, Mexico past the first round could find way more or less way to the end and aim at securing a medal.

What happened? What he failed? Let me give my opinion on this topic, especially for readers elsewhere in the world, little or nothing known Mexican soccer:

  1. As always in Mexico, no tracking even when there is a successful route. He was not given in lower divisions after the scepter Sub-17 2005 (where many members of that squad even managed to debut at 1st. Division), and neither was the bicampeonato then in that category or after the golden medal in London. wasted generations, lost talents. For example, the captain of that selected does 5 years triumphed in the World Cup in our country, Antonio Briseño, with good and physical qualities as large center back, with broad international awards, who in a bad personal decision signed with the Tigres UANL (club that is like a "graveyard luxury" for many novice players) and lost 2 years of his career slumped in a seat and must now try to regain their level in the Liga de Ascenso (2ª. Division), who best it reflects the lack of opportunities with guys Mexicans in their own country. If the "Pollo", with all that excelled in the World Cup U-17, He has not found the way to the consecration, What can they expect others who did not shine as much or even participated in the court and were part of that squad? Many of them may have integrated this Olympic team, and it was not so, Directive blindness.

  2. From the beginning, the outlook for the coach Raul Gutierrez (which he led the world title in the category to U-17 2011) It was not comfortable, as Mexican and European clubs refused to provide their players on time and to go forming a solid roster and integrated tactical and psychically. Guadalajara and Pachuca -the teams that somehow more support the Mexican- footballer always put their own interests to those of the Sub-23, preventing the talents of its quarries they were put under the command of "Pony" in tournaments like the Olympic Qualifying Hopes own or Toulon, under the argument that it was not FIFA dates and that therefore there was no formal obligation to sell them. European institutions also refused to lend to those who might be offensive reinforcements for Rio de Janeiro, as Raul Jimenez (Benfica) or Jesus "Tecatito" Corona (Porto). The story was no different in the tour that made the national team for the European continent weeks before the Games. Until midfielder Rodolfo Pizarro publicly stated his dissatisfaction with the little support to the Under-23 despite going to participate, as defending champion, in an event of the magnitude of the Olympics.

  3. Poor choice 2 of the 3 older reinforcements also weighed against. Based on the history of that 2012 Jose de Jesus Corona was key to his saves in the Mexican framework for achieving the title, I wanted to "copy" the recipe calling this time Alfredo Talavera, who in any of the 3 duels of the Sub-23 marked difference in favor. Nervous, He did not exercise any leadership from behind in any of the 3 Mexican performances and was directly responsible for the own goal against Fiji that clouded over the picture on a gray Sunday for the Aztecs. further, It was convened as a defender Jorge Torres Nilo carrying at least year and a half doing nothing, but nothing outstanding in the Tigers, team where his career has stalled and where only "nothing to play dead" and goes out to meet the minimum necessary to preserve the ownership and (juicy) contract, in an institution where there is not much demand to players. The only success was repeated the call striker Oribe Peralta, that justified anotándole to Germany, although he played more than half a match against Fiji in poor physical condition for his broken nose, He is forcing him to return to Mexico and lost the decisive match vs. Korea.

  4. Also it influenced by the poor performance of one who thought the team would figure, and who is speaking during the winter emigrate to English football: Hirving Lozano. What happened? I arrived injured Rio? Will it be "scrunched" under the pressure of being considered which would make a difference in the attack near Oribe? Did you cared because it already has secured contracts in Europe for this season? So it was, the "Chucky" did not excel, he was vague and did virtually no outstanding play.

  5. Nerves and pressure "ate" the selected tricolor, and it is already in Rio, and although in the end Guadalajara and Pachuca team formed the basis, and although against Germany was a good presentation with the game unfolded and let out a chance to win the match, the decline came to Fiji. In this representation, South Korea applied a sadist 8-0 on the first day, so I went to Mexico to the obligation to at least give Oceania to the same number of goals to avoid complicating the qualification to the second round. And no one in their right mind doubted that the "Pony Team" no leather filled Fiji and be directed to prestancia to Olympic success. But the team went engarrotado, without clear ideas, and time wasted a whole, 45 minutes in which he not only could not score a goal in the rough blessed ocean amateur players that all they wanted was not inside the acribillaran again, but gave him somewhat, which put more stones on the psychological aspect to the Mexican oncena. It was not until the second half when the light was found, although only were achieved 5 goals, since then many perceive as insufficient, Fiji was seen as that was the rival who indirectly would "grant" the ticket to Mexico, South Korea or Germany to the next round. To top, Peralta injuries and Pizarro complicated not only tactically but mentally scheme to Gutiérrez.

And before the national -the Asian "coco" in clashes in this category, and obtained bronze medal in London 2012- a lousy game was played and ended up falling 0-1 to be removed just shamefully Olympic.

After this count, to think the worst: What will happen to this generation of kids who flatly failed in its mission to repeat hanging gold in Rio? A way things are in our national football bocabajeado, where privileges abroad and belittles local talent, not the light at the end of the tunnel. If most of those champions U-17 2005 Y 2011 They were lost in oblivion and some could not even get to debut in 1st. Division despite being world champions, If some of the heroes of London 2012 as well 4 years later, some walk on the run or have become obsolete (Jorge "Chaton" Enríquez, for example), What can we expect for these youngsters who forever bear the stigma of not having even been able to overcome -for whatever reason, and although they are more victims than culpables- the group stage in the defense of gold?

I want to be optimistic and think that the vast majority of them will go wormed his way into 1st. Division and even in Europe to devote himself individually. But the background, the same story of the Aztec football with its cyclical errors, They lead us to fall into pessimism.

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.


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