The peculiarities of St Pauli, the original club of the world

The peculiarities of St Pauli, the original club of the world
The spectacular tunnel of St Pauli. The original club of the world. Photo: Youtube

Why is St Pauli the most peculiar club in the world? In the city of Hamburg you will find one of the most special clubs in all of Europe, the St Pauli. Unknown by many, We are talking about a very special club as peculiar and original. Founded in 1910, This is a club that has not excelled athletically but too much is known worldwide for bringing their values ​​to the letter if it costing and triumphs have cost and economic benefits.

The history of St Pauli, the club with the most peculiarities in the world

It does not have far-reaching national titles and has never played in Europe. His greatest success is perhaps have won the world champion, Bayern Munich, In the season 2001-02, triumph that earned him faithful to his style, autodenominarse World Cup victory heritage winner (winners of the Club World Champion). His greatest achievement was his actual was a tenth place in the Bundesliga 1988-1989.

One of the main features that account for the unique philosophy of the club is that it is the only professional team expresses its political idea in its statutes. Specifically declared antifascist, antiracist and antihomófobos. further, the 30.000 partners that the St Pauli are responsible for ensuring compliance with these statutes through a movement called Social Romantiker.

A club with marked ideals and principles

The St. Pauli became the first team in Germany to officially ban fascist symbols and nationalist activities, in a time when fascism inspired football hooliganism. Faithful to their ideals, the statutes of equality also appear. And in them women play a fundamental role in the club.

It is the club with more female followers. In fact, in 2002, advertising for men's magazine “Maxim”, It was removed from the stadium in response to protests by fans, on sexist images of women in advertisements. His rival in the city is the Hamburg which say they live outside Hamburg, because their stadium is located just outside the big city of north German.

In the stadium the pirate flag, symbol of rebellion club. When his players onto the field resounds background play blaring the Hells Bells AC / DC and when the goal reaches orgasm, in the stadium sounds Song 2 of Blur.

Sister club of the Celtic de Glasgow (sharing initiatives with fans) at the beginning of the new millennium passed a severe economic crisis far weaker give him an example of survival. And that is their strength rather go beyond money, It is moral, of belief in a way of seeing and doing things. Are the St Pauli.

St Pauli
Millerntor Stadium, la casa del mítico St Pauli. PHOTO:

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