They find the lifeless body of Ismaili Florijana

Encuentran el cuerpo sin vida de Florijana Ismaili
Florijana Ismaili's body was found in Lake Como. PHOTO: The reason

Last update 3 July, 2019 by Alberto Llopis

the tragedy was confirmed. The body of the Swiss national team player, Florian Ismaili, He was found lifeless on Lake Como after three days of searching. The young woman of 24 years, It was vacationing in the Italian region when its disappearance produce and subsequent fatal outcome.

Rescue teams found the body of Florijana Ismaili

The footballer Young Boys and the Swiss selection, He had traveled to the Italian city with a friend. They were in a boat when Ismaili, according to the testimony of his companion at the time, He jumped into the water to swim and not back out. After 3 days of searches by the lake, Rescue teams found the body of the player.

“We are dismayed, in shock and very sorry”, He said the Swiss Football Association in an official statement to confirmed the death of his footballer. Florian Ismaili, was the captain of Young Boys from female and international 2014. The young woman, Albanian, He also participated with its selection in the Women's World Cup 2015 which he was held in Canada and played in last March's friendly against the Spanish team.

Now, an investigation, determine the causes of death of the girl who drowned in Lake. Florian Ismaili It joins the list players who ended their lives in a very tragic way.


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