Andrew Hall the player who was convicted of killing his girlfriend

Andrew Hall el jugador que fue condenado por matar a su novia

Last update 27 November, 2023 por Alberto Llopis

Oscar Pistorius saw his sentence softened on 11 de septiembre de 2014. About him, he weighed the murder charge for killing his girlfriend. The Paralympic Athlete, fired a round of shots at his partner when he was in the bathroom, claiming that he believed he was dealing with a thief in a somewhat shady case. But the South African, He is not the only athlete who was involved in a case of such magnitude. In September 2012, an english player, Canterano of Stoke City, Andrew Hall, murdered his girlfriend at a party.

Andrew Hall, young player of only 18 años, confessed to the murder of his girlfriend, Megan Leigh, that he had only 15 años. According to the police report, Hall stabbed Leigh in sixty stabs, spread across the head, neck and body. The victim died at 1:30 hours of June 9 as a result of the injuries caused by the terrible aggression.

Hall, Stoke academy player, I was about to sign as a professional player. El joven futbolista, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, after recognizing himself as the author of the terrible crime, in which he ended the life of his girlfriend during a party at his friends' house. The almost adolescent player, he will spend practically all that remains of his life in jail. Without a doubt a chilling fact that shocked English football.

Victima y asesino. Pese a su juventud, pasará toda su vida encarcelado.
Victim and murderer. Despite his youth, he will spend his whole life imprisoned.

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