The Germany-France World Cup in Spain 1982, a game to remember

The Germany-France World Cup in Spain 1982, a game to remember
The Germany-France of Spain 1982 is considered one of the best matches in history. PHOTO: capture Youtube

The Germany-France World Cup in Spain 1982 eIt's one of those games that remain to remember. couple many, one of the best games in history. It was the semifinal of World Spain between France and the then RF of Germany that was played at the Sánchez Pizjuán in Seville. A match where the Germans managed to qualify for the fourth final of a world championship after a heart-stopping extra time full of alternatives and an unforgettable penalty shootout.

Germany-France of the World Cup in Spain, a tough and competitive match

Playing a game 8 July 1982 He faced two of the favorites for the title ahead: a France based on the technique and talent of the great master Platini and a Germany, which had its main weapons in strength and defensive solidity.

The game started well for the Germans, that after warning his shot hits the post went ahead the minute 25 thanks to Pierre Littbarski. But nevertheless, the French reaction was immediate and after a continuous siege at the gate of Toni Schumacher, Dominique Rocheteau was the subject of a penalty that would transform Michel Platini.

With a tie break was reached. The second half would come marked by the incident between the French Patrick Battiston and Schumacher. Platini sent a long ball to Battiston, when it was about to reach the leather, he saw hit by the German goalkeeper. While medical staff attended to the unconscious player, Schumacher returned to his goal and began a series of stretching exercises that ignited the minds of the Gauls fans.

When the Dutch referee Charles Corver decided not to sanction the action of the German goalkeeper, and even granting the lack, French fans erupted against Schumacher, who, since then, He received thunderous boos every time he touched the ball.

A memorable extension

As the game went into extra time approaching, the French went for the jugular of his opponent, and the team of Jupp Derwall was forced to harshly used to repel attacks that threatened to break his defense. In the minute 83, Manuel Amoros crashed the ball in the post, but it was the Germans who disposed of opportunities in the final minutes, by means of Breitner, first, and Forster, later, which they forced to show off Ettori.

With tie 1 an absolutely historic extension was reached and only comparable to the one that had carried out twelve years before the own Germany and Italy in the match of the century. They had not even two minutes after, when Marius Tresor put his foot in after taking a free kick from the right edge of the area and, since 12 meters, He managed to beat Schumacher (2-1). Germany coach, Jupp Derwall, He wasted no time. He sat Hans-Peter Briegel, exhausted by the effort, and put the goalie on the grass Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Just seven minutes after the goal of Tresor, Alain Giresse established the 3-1 with a pitch from the edge area. The combined German and beginning to totter, nothing resume the game, the referee annulled a goal of Klaus Fischer; Under such circumstances any team would have thrown in the towel, but not Germany. When Rummenigge pushed up the 3-2 the net, just before halftime of extra time, it became clear that the party was still alive.

The semifinal match of the World Cup in Spain 1982 resolved on penalties

It was Klaus Fischer who was in charge of restoring the balance to the scoreboard, and did so with a great goal. His bike hit the minute 108 It seemed to come out of nowhere and, suddenly, incredibly, the Germans had managed to take the match to penalties.

In the penalty kicks from the 11 metros Alain Giresse French overtook the lead (1-0). The German captain, Manfred Kaltz, He equalized (1-1). Amoros for France, Breitner for Germany and Rocheteau for the Gauls scored their penalties without problems, but the release of Uli Stielike stopped the French keeper Ettori. German defender wept disconsolately on the pitch while his teammates tried to cheer him up.

French Didier Six nerves betrayed him. Schumacher's presence seemed to grow more imposing every passing second. Littbarski, Platini and Rummenigge housed the ball in the net before Bossis took over the last penalty for Les Bleus. His shot was soft and Schumacher, he had intuited the direction of the throw, He managed to stop. Everything now depended on Germany.

Horst Hrubesch was in charge of closing the match and qualifying Germany for a new final. While the Germans celebrated their victory, the French were crying lying on the grass, with a totally desolate Platini.

The summary of the Germany-France World Cup in Spain 1982

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