A late June: Red shirt Peru

Una tarde de Junio: La camiseta roja de Perú
Hugo Sotil, with red shirt Peru, out on shoulders, after the tragedy came the jubilation. PHOTO: Graphic file Juvagool.

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On the eve of the Mexico World Cup 1970 the calendar showed that Peru would play its first match 2 of June 1970 in the "Camp Nou" Stadium in the city of León; his rival: Bulgaria.

The numbers in the waiting room for the big party Hincas, before 1970: Peru had not won a single point in World Cups! The data is not as catastrophic if we mentioned that had only played a world, first, that of Uruguay 1930, losing their 2 parties, against the hosts and Romania.

He called Mexico 70 a dream box, Hector Chumpitaz behind commandeering, Hugo "Cholo" Sotil, future player the F.C. Barcelona and probably the Best Peruvian player in history: Teofilo Cubillas, your star, their ten.

6 days before his debut held a friendly touch before Union of Tanners Stadium in Martinique, losing 2-1, the cuerero team played in the second Mexican division, the uniform was very similar to Peru: white with a cross strip, why Peru premiered his uniform visit: Red shirt.

2 days before debut, the chaos, the tragedy: an earthquake in Peru buried more than 50, 000 Peruvian, the Peruvian team heard the terrible news on the day of their first meeting, just minutes before jumping to the court, They tried to communicate with family and loved ones without success.

"The show must begin", Peru jumped onto the field with the red shirt (in honor of the blood of the fallen) and a black bow on right sleeve, mourning.

Obviously they left deconcentrated, sad, with rage. His feeling was reflected on the scoreboard, Bulgaria 2-1 Peru at the end of the first half. Talk in dressing, Chumpitaz leadership, Captain. They were there for a Dream, in the stands had Peruvian fans, It was time to take the spirit of competition and try to, even for 90 minutes, give joy to their compatriots, doing what they do best, play football.

They returned to the field to play the second half with a team goal, out to win that game. With goals from Cubillas and Chumpitaz could turn scoreboard, for like this, forget for a period tragedy.

The players pulled out shoulders, They deserved it, during 90 minutes were the superheroes that Peru needed.

Carlos Marquez

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