Mesut Özil assault with a knife and punched saves Kolasinac

Mesut Özil assault with a knife and punched saves Kolasinac
Mesut Özil declaring London police after the attempted heist. PHOTO: Once
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Mesut Özil and his teammate at Arsenal, Kolasinac not forget his experience at night 25 July 2019. Both players had just enjoyed dinner at a Turkish restaurant in London when getting into the vehicle of the German footballer, They were assaulted by a band that wanted to steal high-end car driving the former Real Madrid. An incident that was being recorded by a surveillance camera of the English city.

Kolasinac, improvised hero

Mesut Ozil He was driving his car when the assailants, armed with knives tried to achieve his goal and take the car but the German footballer of Turkish origin. But nevertheless, without thinking twice, Your partner , Kolasinac He got out to confront the assailants. They were armed but the Bosnian did not think twice when coping.

The thieves were on a motorcycle as seen in the images of the security camera. Bosnian footballer who could have been badly hurt or worse, He hooked up with the assailants punched. Fortunately both players came out totally unscathed from the attack and thieves do not got their way.

Mesut Özil was terrified

“Everything was crazy and strange. The vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road with the door open. Özil looked terrified, like any man persecuted by people who carry knives, It was a shocking incident” He declared a restaurant worker who witnessed the attempted robbery.

According to the British press, Mesut Ozil I was in shock and was the one who entered the restaurant to give the alarm while his companion was facing these assailants clean punch. The pictures of the incident were collected by a security camera in a mishap that luckily, It ended without regret greater evils.

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