'Magical’ Gonzalez already has tickets to return to Cadiz

'Magical’ Gonzalez already has tickets to return to Cadiz
Máginco González will return to Cádiz soon (Photo: elsalvador.com)

It is one of the largest in the history of Cádiz CF. A character on and off the pitch. The great 'Magic’ González already has the tickets to return to the city that made him enjoy his great plays and goals.

as reported elsalvador.com 'Magical’ Gonzalez already has airline tickets to visit Cadiz and receive a tribute, one more, why were your club. Businessman Adolfo Salume has been commissioned to afford tickets for the idol Carranza meet with former colleagues, friends and it was his hobby.

Former player, visibly grateful for the gesture, he just simply said that it is finalizing the details of the trip as: "To Cádiz you have to know how to go, You need to know when and how to return ".

It is also speculated the presence of the selection of El Salvador, Gonzalez's home country, in the next Carranza Trophy but this is something that is not yet confirmed.

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