“He could have finished training Sevilla”

“He could have finished training Sevilla”
Paco Jemez said "He could have finished training to Sevilla". Photo: As.com

Paco Jemez is a guy who has self-esteem through the roof or so it seems. After a not too successful tour in Mexico, where fans and media who follow Cruz Azul failed to finish and get along with him where results, They also accompanied him, the technician still taking himself through the roof. And that even though his trip to Las Palmas started with almost all defeats. The last was a press conference in which he puffed out his chest and went on to state that “I could have finished in Sevilla”.

“I had no need to come. He could afford to retire and. If I had waited more, possibly he could have finished in Sevilla”, He started strong Jémez. Former Lightning, Granada and Cruz Azul among others, He did not hesitate to say that the sports management of the Seville club thought of him after the dismissal of Berizzo. But nevertheless, He ended up signing for Liverpool: “I gave my word to Michael and that's enough” he sentenced.

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