The fans of Cádiz, The best of Spain?

The fans of Cádiz, The best of Spain?
Cádiz hobby always with his team. Photo: ABC

Carranza hobby has always been faithful to his team. Playing in the Carranza is always special and the atmosphere dthe mythical stadium where penalty shoot-outs were invented cadista makes the cozy stadium is a pressure cooker. For this and many things always go in the lists of the best interests of Spain. But machada this weekend is to frame. For a match where your team is playing to stay alive in the fight for the playoff for promotion to first, They have been able to fill 80 buses and more than expected 7000 gaditanos fans in Seville.

Cadiz faces the subsidiary of Sevilla playing this year at the Sanchez Pizjuan for the renovation that is suffering the sevillistas Sports City which is building a mini stadium for the parties dispute its subsidiary. Taking advantage of the capacity of the Coliseum over sevillista 40.000 viewers, Cadiz hobby has turned en masse and the first day had already filled 50 buses for the party.

At first he had not set such limits for charter buses but the spectacular demand and after reaching the 80, it had to curb. Even so, because of the distance that unites both cities it is not too large,  not be few who come by other means and private cars for the match creating an atmosphere of mini Carranza at the Sanchez Pizjuan. This in a game where only game 3 points as he who says, Imagine what you will be able to do if the rise at the end of season play.

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