The best homegrown players of FC Barcelona: Past, present and future

The best homegrown players of FC Barcelona: Past, present and future
Messi is the maximum exponent of the quarry of the Barça.

Who are the players of the FC Barcelona quarry that have most influenced, especialmente, in its recent history? Some of them are no longer on the Barça squad, others have influenced from the field or from the bench and, algunos, they boast as future soccer stars in the not too distant future. La Masía has always been a fundamental pillar in the structure of the Barça team, and hence the importance of many players who have ended up succeeding in the culé first team.

Leo Messi

The one who for many is the best player in the history of football, Lionel Messi, has his past in the quarry of FC Barcelona, something that fills the club with pride since the promising beginnings of the Argentine player. Since its inception with the club, with mythical hat-tricks against Real Madrid or the achievement of his first Champions League with Pep Guardiola in 2009 (in 2006 did not get to play because of an injury), You could see that this little striker was going to make history, not only at Barcelona, but in the world of football in general.

A partir de allí, exhibitions of all kinds, a style of play that has defined one of the best teams in history and a record where a single spot resides with the Argentine team, where it has remained at the gates of both the Soccer World Cup and the Copa América. With Barcelona, yes indeed, has won absolutely everything, also establishing himself as the best player in the world on multiple occasions and being revered by the entire football community.

Ansu Fati

It seems daring to place the young Ansu Fati in this classification, but in him reside all the hopes of FC Barcelona in the face of resurface in the next few years. With a Leo Messi who faces his last years of career, and with some signings that have not just caught on in the squad, La Masía's young promise has emerged as the fundamental pillar on which to base the hopes of a team that needs to improve its level in the coming years.

It is only necessary to see the last performances of the player to verify that, en él, truly unique qualities stand out. Thanks to Ansu Fati, Barça can still have a chance both in La Liga and in the Champions League, something that for some experts is highly unlikely due to the poor solvency of the team. On online sites where predictions are the most important, as in the bookmakers that mark their odds based on the statistics of each team, Ansu Fati's injury has meant a significant drop in the chances of FC Barcelona, and sites like Bodog or 22Bet, that allow you to follow the matches live or pay with astropay the bets deportivas, one of the most secure methods on the net, have seen their quotas affected due to recent changes in the Barça squad. Sea como fuera, Ansu Fati stands right now as one of the pearls of the Barcelona quarry, and that is why it should be considered, especially looking ahead, as one of the most important pieces of La Masía.

Josep Guardiola

Probably, and with the permission of Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola has been the most influential coach in the recent history of FC Barcelona. Get two Champions League in four years (and with two eliminations in the semifinals), as well as three Spanish leagues, It is something within the reach of very few. With the, Barcelona got the long-awaited sextet (something that for now only the Barça team has achieved), and incidentally defined a football style that was admired by the whole world.

Besides, His past as a footballer also endorses him as one of the fundamental pieces to understand the history of the club. Participate in the first Copa de Europa of the team at Wembley 92, as well as being the captain of the set, has made its weight in history that much more important. Without him, FC Barcelona would not be the club that it is at the moment, but without FC Barcelona he would not be either he entrenador what is it right now.

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