Five reasons why we believe in the Valencia and five that do not

Five reasons why we believe in the Valencia and five that do not

“Djukic will continue this season whatever happens”. Those words mentioned in his day by President Amadeo Salvo were blown away. The Serbian coach was dismissed and his place has been taken, as the pools indicated, Juan Antonio Pizzi, a former black and white team and current champion with San Lorenzo of the Initial Tournament in Argentina.

The Spanish-Argentine coach arrives at a more than delicate moment in the Valencian entity, both economically, as social and sporty. The tension among the fans is total, especially when it is not yet known who will be the next owner of the club and if Bankia will finally accept the offer made by the Singaporean billionaire, Peter Lim

Thus, and waiting for the events to happen, one way or another, It is a good time to recap five moments for which to believe in a viable future of Valencia and five for which not:

Ayala has recently signed for Valencia.
Ayala has recently signed for Valencia.

In favor of believing in an exciting future:

1- The great ambassador of the city. Not the City of Arts, nor the America Cup, the tennis tournament or the Formula 1. If something represents Valencia, it is his football club. Its name serves to locate millions of people around the world on the map of the city. Rare that is to say Valencia anywhere in the world and that they do not know that it is in Spain. Much of the blame, He belongs to Valencia and his successes.

2- A historic club. Valencia is not just another club. We are talking about the third most important in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, not in vain has he won the Recopa, the UEFA Cup, the European Super Cup and has made two Champions League finals. Few teams can enjoy such a record.

3- The arrival of a savior of the fatherland. In the form of an investor, sheikh, magnate, Someone who decided to bet on the club could come forward at any time and save it from the most absolute ostracism. First, Valencia has more name than Chelsea once had, Manchester City or Malaga itself. An offer from Peter Lim has already been made official by which he agrees to take over the debt and to put other 30 o 40 million to sign. It seems that she is not the only one, there is more. Valencia, pese a todo, still a desirable club for many, who know and believe that with good management it can be profitable.

4- An important heritage. The disappearance of the club would mean a sea of ​​doubts for the old Mestalla and the new. What would be done with their facilities? Even with the people who work in the entity? More unemployment and the loss of great professionals. Not only that, Valencia moves a whole press sector, official stores and sports equipment. If i fell, it would be a hecatomb for thousands of people, incluidos, many bars.

5- A great hobby. Valencia have always shown that they have a great following in their favor. Although in bad times she is hard on the team, knows how to reward players when they try hard. Thus, to maintain the team would be to maintain an illusion.

Peter Lim could be the savior of the club.
Peter Lim could be the savior of the club.

Arguments why not believe in Valencia:

1- Debt. More of 250 million euros owes Valencia to its creditors. A situation that, far from being able to be fixed in the future, tends to enlarge if refinancing is not achieved, It is not possible to enter the Champions League and the sale of players does not suppose a strong income as long ago.

2- Chaos at all levels. The main problem of Valencia is the mess in which it is submerged. Its direction is not known and the worst thing is that not even its own managers know it, because in reality it is not known who's boss and how long he will do it. Seen like this, you can hardly create a project if those at the top don't know what they want. And in that sense, Does anyone think that a tycoon can come and put 400 million euros in a charitable way? What do you want in return? To make matters worse, the arrival of Roberto Ayala. The one who was Valencia's central defender already starred in a traumatic exit from the club with the fans thrown on top of him and now he arrives without knowing very well what his true mission is going to be.

3- Loss of identity. Perhaps one of the most forgotten aspects is the loss of social mass and number of subscribers that Valencia has been losing in recent years.. People are being disappointed and this is leading to putting Valencia aside and a pessimism that will be difficult to eradicate.

4- A slab for Valencian society. If Valencia owes money to Bankia and the financial institution has been “salvada” by citizens and government, It turns out that in reality what Valencia is is a scourge for the property of society, Since it costs you money and many are not fans of the club or prefer to allocate money for other reasons.

5- Sportingly, un desastre. If we talk about the fact that the directives that come and go find no solution and are unable to even generate peace of mind, the sports theme also deserves special mention. The staff loses quality every year, the stars are leaving and to this day Atlético, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villlarreal, Athletic or even Seville seem to have a much more complete squad than the Valencian.

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