Find out why TAFAD is succeeding among young athletes

Descubre por qué TAFAD está triunfando entre los jóvenes deportistas
TAFAD has become a good outlet for young people.

Last update 25 October, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

The concept of wellness, which translated into Spanish would be "well-being", is a multifaceted approach to life that promotes well-being in all areas of life. Under this concept, society has become more aware of health and physical well-being in recent years. In fact, aproximadamente 6 decade 10 people older than 15 years (he 59,6% of the population) practiced sport in Spain during 2020, either periodically or occasionally, according to the latest Survey of Sports Habits in Spain 2020 published by the Higher Sports Council (CSD). Due to this proliferation to have a healthy and full life, some people see physical activity as both an academic and a professional outlet.

Vocational Training (FP) has established itself as the training option with the best job placement prospects. In 2020, people with a higher or intermediate VET degree were the most demanded by companies, since he 41,3% of job offers requested these studies, according to the latest report from the human resources company Adecco. Vocational Training is present in most educational fields, including the physical-sports field. Nowadays, young athletes can find different VET cycles related to sports education, among which stands out the superior cycle of FP of TAP (Higher Technician in Physical and Sports Activities), which has registered a high degree of demand in recent years.

The Higher Technician in Physical and Sports Activities is a FP qualification that is included within the professional family of Physical and Sports Activities. From 2018, the TAFAD, nomenclature that was collected in the LOGSE, split between TSEAS (Higher Technician in Teaching and Social Sports Animation) yTSAF (Superior Technician in Physical Conditioning). The TSEAS, as it is currently collected in the LOE, It is the variant most similar to TAFAD, since it is a training cycle that focuses on teaching the knowledge of animation and physical activity. For this reason, The Higher Degree in Education and Socio-Sports Animation is succeeding among lovers of physical and sports activity.

Why study TAFAD?

Nowadays, Sports institutions and centers require a qualified and multidisciplinary staff with knowledge in areas such as sports entertainment, the revitalization of groups in sport, cardiovascular disease or injury prevention. Young athletes can acquire all this specific knowledge and skills related to sport and animation in the Higher Grade of TSAF (old TAFAD) in face-to-face or online mode. Besides, They will also be able to learn everything related to the world of wellness and fitness, as well as the latest trends in functional training in a sports center.

This upper cycle of FP presents a wide variety of job opportunities, since it allows students to acquire the necessary skills to exercise in areas such as sports and recreation, sports training, physical activity and health, and sports management. All this thanks to a dynamic methodology, practical and oriented to the needs of the world of work.

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