the Vélodrome, the home of Olympique de Marseille

the Vélodrome, the home of Olympique de Marseille
The Velodrome is the second largest stadium in France.

If there is any enclosure with magic in France is the Vélodrome Marseille, the home of Olympique. Second stage with greater capacity in the country with shelter for 60.031 viewers, only surpassed by modern Paris Saint-Dennis, this cozy scenario was built in order to host the World Cup organized in France 1938.

The Vélodrome in Marseille, Olympique home
The Vélodrome in Marseille, Olympique home

First stage built with cement in the world, called by the huge cycling tradition given in this enclosure. Ten headquarters late stage of Tour de France, and various track cycling competitions, He also served as the basis for other competitions such as athletics, rugby (many national and international matches are played), boxing or gymnastics. Even though, definitely, would it be and football is what has marked the history of some of the most beautiful coliseums around the Old Continent. And is that , as we mentioned, the Vélodrome was pleased to host third world championship history. Only two games of this World Cup were played at the stadium, although one of them, the France-Italy semifinal in stellar plan Meazza, It was just such a level that justified the investment of that great work. Especially since the legendary Italian striker had to score the both the Azzurri victory with one hand clutching his pants thanks to that had broken the tape that held it.

Definitely, Olympique which would mark the best moments of venue marsellés. Inaugurated precisely by the local team in a friendly against the great Torino 1937, The French team is the tenant of the stadium owned by the city, and responsible for paying 41.500 Consistory euros per match to Marseille, plus 0,63 euros per viewer for each meeting that exceed 25.000 people. Known for its popular four tiers (tributes to important figures of the area), Gustave Ganay and the tribune Jean Bouin and curves Patrice de Peretti North and South Chevalier Roze, the fact is that there have been many renovations that have suffered throughout history that have allowed him to change her appearance on many occasions. Even, it became military Parking World War II.

In sporting terms, He has won nine leagues Olympique playing at home in the stadium, and a European Cup, achieved in the season 92-93 thanks to men like Marcel Desailly and Jean-Pierre Papin, which they generated enormous joy to one of the hottest hobbies in Europe, and troubled by some violent and non-sporting events that have tarnished the image of the club and the stadium on more than one occasion.

Host Euro 1960 (hosting the semifinal between Czechoslovakia and the USSR) and the Euro 1984, It would be the World 1998 another of its climax, especially because it was hosting several parties level, as the quarter-final between the Netherlands and Argentina will be remembered for the spectacular goal by Dennis Bergkamp and myocardial semifinal between tulips and Brazilians, American victory that ended in a thrilling penalty shootout.

headquarters 12 team matches, in that year 1998, the field saw shine to one of the prodigals city, Zinedine Zidane, what

So will the Vélodrome for Euro 2016
So will the Vélodrome for Euro 2016

curiously he never played for Olympique. Nor did it ever Michel Platini, who also left to remember one of the greatest moments of ecstasy on site, when he scored in the last minute of extra time of Euro 84 the goal that gave the victory to France over Portugal and classified the Gauls for final.

In 2016, The stadium will live another Euro. But this time it will do with reduced capacity. The 42.965 viewers who will allow their new and final remodeling and that will make it one of the most modern works across Europe. But yes, it will retain the essence always: the passion for football.

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