Do you know Emmanuel Rivière?

¿Conoces a Enmanuel Rivière?

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France, a superpower that is world champion once and twice European champion is experiencing one of its worst football crises in recent times. Without already Trezeguet, Henry, not even Dugarry, encounters huge problems when scoring goals. Creates danger, he has good midfields but when it comes to scoring…drought. Karin Benzema, Olivier Giroud have been in recent months in charge of dividing up the position of 9, but both have not managed to forget previous generations.

However, with the Eurocup of 2016 which will be held in France, los “blue” they have reason to hope. There is a player who is willing to fill that gap with talent, strength and technique: it's about Emmanuel Riviére. This tip 24 years is not new to football, but it seems that after so much waiting has arrived, and he has done it with force.

Corpulent of 1.82 metros, Riviere is a Drogba type without so much goal, for now. A powerful forward with a good start and enormous speed who works tirelessly for his teammates, blocking the ball from the opponents and who falls very well on the wing.. Combines, passes and seems to have improved its weak point: the target to the opposite goal.

Las volteretas de Riviére son de sobra conocidas en Francia.
Riviere's somersaults are well known in France.

Born a 3 March 1990 in Martinique, it wasn't until 16 years when Riviére settled in France to experience football professionally. At that age, Saint-Ettiene was stunned by his performance at the Clairefontaine Academy youth tournament and decided to take over his services. Little little, starting in the lower categories and reaching the first team in 2009 was taking a hole in the starting eleven until in the summer of 2011 was transferred by 6 million euros to the Tolouse. After scoring with Monaco 13 Goals for 2013/14, was traded to English Newcastle.

His good performances on the pitch made him international-sub 21 finishing off a career that has led him to be international for France in all the lower teams, except the absolute, absolute that could well summon him imminently if he continues in the demanding Premier League as demonstrated with the Monaco jacket.

Rivière busca triunfar en la Premier.
Rivière seeks to win the Premier League.

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