exemplary punishment for a defendant footballer of rigging bets

exemplary punishment for a defendant footballer of rigging bets
Bradley Wood receives a yellow card (Photo: Getty Images)

Bradley Wood, former player Lincoln City, team who play in England's fourth tier, has been suspended in an exemplary manner for allegedly rigged a bet on the season 2016-2017 in which belonged to the club.

Apparently, friends wagered amounts player betting considered unusual market warnings. The player saw two cards in games against Ipswich and against Burnley, thus, has been sanctioned by the court of the English Football Federation which considers that Wood “influenced betting markets” receiving the yellow intentionally.

Wood, of 26 year old, He has pleaded not guilty, however it has been sanctioned without being able to play football until March 2024 besides having to pay a fine of about 6.000 euros between the sanction and process costs. Both President Lincoln and his former colleagues have been surprised at this fact.

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