How will the crossings be for the Champions?

How will the crossings be for the Champions?
How will the Champions League crosses be in the year of the Crown?

The worst is finally over and we can enjoy the Champions League. The tournament that remained in suspense (there is still some concern) it seems that it will have resolution and we will not have a year without champion of Europe. From 7 August the hymn plays again that every spectator has not heard for months, yes, the UEFA Champions League.

That highly anticipated Friday we will have two great games and both open, with nothing decided. Juventus will have to overcome at home a 1-0 against Lyon, and Manchester City will seek to eliminate Real Madrid at home, asserting your advantage of 1-2, that they bring from the Bernabéu.

Then on Saturday the duel between Bayern and Chelsea must be played, where the bavarians have an advantage of 0-3. And they close the day and the round of 16 Barcelona and Napoli, these two tied 1-1 in Italian lands on the way.

The quarterfinal crosses

Remember that there are already defined quarterfinal crosses. We refer to the duels between PSG and Atalanta, and Leipzig that will face Atlético de Madrid. On this side of the table will be a finalist and it should be noted that none has been champion of the Champions.

These matches will be played on Wednesday 12 and on Thursday 13 August respectively. Once again reviewing the betting houses, and referring to one of great prestige as Betsson, we see that bettors opt for names.

PSG are favorites against Atalanta and Atlético are favorites against Leipzig. But we must remember you, what, in the case of Italians and French, can greatly influence the state of form. Those from Bergamo come with a great rhythm of competition, while the Parisians have been without activity for a long time. further, they just lost one of their stars, Mbappé, it would be a miracle if you play this match.

This completes the table

This edition of Champions is very unusual, It is a final of 8, where we already know 4 of those finalists. The others 4 will come out of the duels that will take place on 7 Y 8 of August. The crossings will be as follows:

The winner between Manchester City and Real Madrid will face each other with the winner between Juve and Lyon. With that the picture on this side is already taking shape.

So, we would, the winner of Barcelona-Napoli would face the winner between le Bayern and Chelsea, that except for a major catastrophe will be the reds.

This leaves us with a really attractive picture, where among all the participants they accumulate 26 Champions in their showcases. Many are those who dare to bet that the finalist who comes from this part, will be the winner of the current season.

This is not crazy, remember that the big favorite for bookmakers is Manchester City. And you already have your favorite?


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