Justin Kluivert follow his father's footsteps and signed for a big Serie A

Justin Kluivert follow his father's footsteps and signed for a big Serie A
Justin Kluivert will be new Roma player soon (Photo: Redgol.cl)

Inevitably make a comparison between father and son. Clearly, both have a career of her own and Justin Kluivert is slowly ceasing to be known as “the son of Patrick Kluivert” to carve out their own future. What is clear is that in both cases the beginnings are being very similar.

Justin has been raised, like his father Patrick, in the youth ranks at Ajax Amsterdam. In his first season in the first team he has played red stripe 46 matches, scoring 9 goals and dishing 9 assists. This has served to debut with the national team of his country with only 19 years (his father did 18) and that several clubs in major European leagues are set on it.

If the similarities between the two are not enough, Now Justin will make the leap to a major European league, in particular the Italian, to sign for Roma (his father moved from Ajax to Milan, Also in Serie A). as reported Football both clubs have agreed handover 15 million fixed more 5 in variables, plus a percentage of future transfer.

In this way, Justin Kluivert will have the opportunity to play in one of the 5 major European leagues and tanned in a much more demanding and tough competition the Dutch Eredivisie. further, you can play in the Champions League, competition that his father won only 18 years and also being the top scorer in the final between Ajax and Milan won by the Dutch 1-0.

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