He knows every detail about the Davis Cup

He knows every detail about the Davis Cup
What do you know about the Davis Cup?

Today, we can say that have come to light five players who have been selected by captain Sergi Bruguera for the tournament format will debut in the Spanish capital. Rafael Nadal, Roberto Bautista, Pablo Carreno, Feliciano Lopez and Marcel Granollers will be the five players chosen.

These five players will be those who will form the Spanish team that will be battling in the finals of the Davis Cup in Madrid, Between the days 18 Y 24 of November. Similarly, are the same five players who were summoned to the latest edition of the semifinals against France. But nevertheless, in those semis Nadal had to be scrapped at the last minute, having to be replaced by Albert Ramos.

So that, We have already released the following data. First, Rafael Nadal will reach the Davis Cup still number one, as it is at the top of the world rankings since the day 4 of November. In the tenth place to find Roberto Bautista, while Pablo Carreño will be in the position 35 and Feliciano Lopez in the 62. All these are followed Granollers, located on the post 113 This same ranking.

Speaking of Nadal, head being ranking, It is worth mentioning that finally prove his talent in the Masters Cup in London, which will end on 17 of November. As we can see, everything is followed and highly charged emotions and efforts.

On the other hand, also it commented that all these battles will make Nadal is in better shape and more and better trained to compete in the Davis Cup. However, You will have one day to rest before the famous competition in question if finally reaches the final of the Masters Cup.

Already you know everything about the Davis Cup 2019?

Due to the extremely tight coming all these previous events at the Davis Cup, all captains will be allowed to make three changes in the players to the same day before the start Cup.

Qualifying format will have two singles and a continued double. All this will be playing to the best of three. So if we are interested can consult some of the Davis Cup forecasts.

As he commented, This implanted Cup format will have several benefits, and it is preferred by many of the coaches and players. further, that is to play in Madrid will be a great show and a great influx of Spanish. also they added that this new format gives many more possibilities that great players can play in conditions.

So that, as above we were commenting, Spain will host the Davis Cup 2019, which will take place specifically in the Magic Box in Madrid of the day 14 up to date 18 of November.

Finally, little remains to be added, unless the Serbian Djokovic, the world number one and Murray also be present while Nishikori not be in this case. El Serbian captain Dusan Lajovic will also feature, who is currently ranked number 33 del ranking ATP.

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