Argentine football and ease to sell Maradonas

El fútbol argentino y su facilidad para vender Maradonas

Last update 5 April, 2024 por Alberto Llopis

Argentine and South American football in general, It has always been characterized by the ease of selling new talents at the minimum exchange rate.. We are used to seeing players who are just over twenty and not even reach, they rise to fame and end up marching to Europe with very few matches in a football, that in terms of rhythm and competition it has little to do with the European. That's why, many stay by the wayside although the press ends up sneaking the goal of the century almost always selling the new Maradona or failing that, the next Messi.

But unfortunately for Argentines and football in general, Maradona or Messi, there will only be one in the history of football and many despite being good, they do not have the sufficient level to reach European football and others, they do it too soon before they are mature enough to face such a sharp jump. Por supuesto, there are also very good ones, of a high level but far from being the new successor to Maradona.

Gago y Banega, dos ejemplo de jugadores que fueron vendidos por un nivel muy superior al real.
Gago and Banega, two examples of players who were sold for a level much higher than the real one.

An advertisement for the promotion of Argentine television for the Copa América 2011 that was held in Argentina, served to perfectly define the character of the Argentines and the continued ability to sell players, once so good and again not so good. And it is that if the Argentines have been characterized by something in recent times they have been by creating successors of Maradona. A good nickname was enough (louse, colorado, little witch, burrito, little bunny, apache…) y el “pego” it was guaranteed.

And it is that both the Argentines and the Brazilians (same situation with the new Pelé), If for something they have been characterized in the world of football, it has been for being masters in the sale of players that, as we have already said, many have turned out well but many others., maybe too much and especially in other times, big fiascos have resulted. Sin duda, some marketing geniuses.

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