The top five players in the Premier that end contract 2015

Los cinco mejores jugadores de la Premier que acaban contrato en 2015

Last update 9 January, 2015 by Alberto Llopis

The Premier is one of the strongest leagues in the world, a place where football is lived and not only conceived otherwise it is also a great example in many respects. That's why, It is also a good showcase to be set to try to convince the player to turn and throw the tie when his contract runs out. This season many players in this league contract end. We tell you who the top five players in the Premier that end contract 2015.

1-John Terry

Captain mythical Chelsea contract ends next 30 of June. After 17 seasons, It is one of the stalwarts of the London club despite being already in the 34 years. However, Jose Mourinho, and it made clear that it will offer a contract to captain. We'll see if renewed or otherwise produced Steven Gerrard, although in the case of Terry it seems to continue at Chelsea.

2-Didier drogba

Drogba just another mythical as its relationship with Chelsea who returned after sitting out two seasons playing in China and Turkey. With cases 37 years when their relationship ends, Drogba seems to be that he will retire from football and will become part of the technical organization of Chelsea.

3-Mikel Arteta

The Basque player takes an eternity in the Premier where he has played for teams like Everton and Arsenal. Despite its success in England, no Spanish coach never noticed him to play in the selection. With a frustrated passage by the Royal Society, He has developed most of his career on British soil. He ends his contract with Arsenal in this 2015.

4-Michael Carrick

Manchester United's player ends his contract next 30 of June. However, as in the case of Terry, the club is willing to renew his contract.

5-Emmanuel Adebayor

Manolito” as they called him at Real Madrid, jumped into the fray a few weeks ago with the discovery that he had traveled to Togo, your country to take a jinx which prevented him from scoring goals. Either way, his contract with the Spurs finished the next time 30 of June.

Adebayor acaba contrato el 30 de junio de 2015.
Adebayor contract ends 30 June 2015.

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