Matias, Leo Messi's brother, is released

Matias, Leo Messi's brother, is released
Matias Messi, In the center of the image. Photo: Clarion

After spending two nights under arrest, Matias Messi, Lionel Messi crack brother, will release in the coming hours. Matias was arrested last weekend after having a heated argument with a driver after the two had a traffic accident in which they were unhurt. According to several witnesses who were at the scene, both drivers discussed and brother Leo threatened the man with a gun so he was arrested and brought to justice, however, The police did not find any type of weapon at the time of the arrest.

Messi the greatest of the other driver claimed to have been punched in the face while the other man said Matias threatened with a gun. Matthias, who he was detained at the police station number 4 Villa Gesell, in Buenos Aires, You must appear before the Court within a month to complete the process.

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