Mbappé confirms that football has changed

Mbappé nos confirma que el fútbol ha cambiado
Kylian Mbappe shows us that football has changed. PHOTO:

Last update 19 July, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

We may never find out what really happened for Kylian Mbappé to decide to renew his contract for 3 years with PSG leaving Real Madrid, to his hobby, stunned players and president.

An economic offer that cannot be refused, lead the PSG project, get rid of Leonardo and Pochettino, political pressures, relatives, being French… it all adds up.

During these days two terms have been heard with force, "traitor" and "mercenary" and is that the quiet boy, educated and fluent in english and spanish no longer so likeable to some. Some even talk about lack of honor.

Has Florentino Perez failed?

This is what some claim that others certainly brand as profiteers. for months (rather years) we have been told that Mbappé was already a Real Madrid player. His departure was something announced and the truth is that few were those who doubted his final white destiny.

For the youngest, it may be convenient to remember that Florentino brought many of the galactic like Beckam, Zinade, Ronaldo and a long etc. If there is someone experienced in negotiations and in knowing how to do things well so far, is he.

Now, is it possible that there was sin on this occasion?? Perhaps excessive confidence played a trick on him or there is something we do not know. Perhaps even this new football has caught the president off guard.

Reason is also not lacking for those who are surprised with that already mythical "calm" on the subject of Mbappé.

How is it possible that there was nothing signed?

This is what many are wondering today. However, If the best player in the world does not want to sign, the president does not seem to have many options either.. The cordial relationship that he has maintained with the player for a long time is well known with calls via skype and messages every 15 days.

Perhaps in other times the word of a player was worth something, but when we talk about state teams and absolutely exorbitant amounts, we must understand that football has changed forever.

Today Kylian Mbappé is the best soccer player in the world. there simply is no other (with permission from Haaland) and he had the upper hand.

Perhaps what can be most blamed on Florentino is that he did not put an institution like Real Madrid above the player's wishes.

Although this already raises more questions, would his fans have forgiven him if he backed down on the negotiations?? Surely many would never do it because Mbappé has no replacement.

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A mercenary without honor or a strategist?

It is easy to understand that a madridista feels betrayed and disappointed, but it is even more surprising for those who still believe that football is just love for the shirt and feelings.

One would have to see oneself in that person's situation knowing that you can bathe in gold for the rest of your life and surely bathe your loved ones in gold..

It is true that he will never have the footballing career at PSG that he could have at Real Madrid, but these gentlemen retire with little more than 30 years in many cases.


This article raises as many doubts as the same ones that the hearts of thousands of Madridistas and that of Mbappé himself must harbor. We have proposed contradictory versions so that one can draw their own.

Football has changed but there is still feeling. The one of those millions of fans who feel and love their colors. player number 12 it will never be sold or transferred, It is the one that fills us with emotion and makes all of us who love football vibrate..

Far away are those Pujol, Maldini, little, Giggs or the mythical Totti who spent their entire career at the club they love and although others will emerge, one must understand that this new football must be enjoyed from the understanding of the business that it is.

Guste o no, Mbappé has known how to negotiate very well. Now it is left to others to judge to what extent it compensates and even enter into moral judgments.

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