Mexico is the new Olympic champion

Two goals from the Mexican striker Oribe Peralta, the first to 27 seconds of the game, have been enough to knock down Brazil. La selección de Menezes se vio superada por una México bien armada sobre el campo y volvió a quedarse sin saborear el éxito del oro Olímpico. As soon as the fight begins, Mexico was going to strike first, when a defensive error by the Brazilian defense was going to cause Peralta to score the 1-0 and was going to put the carioca team in trouble. Menezes very conservative, he placed a trivote in the center of the field and looked surprised in the first minute of the game.

México campeón olímpico ante la Brasil de Neymar

The game was going on and the Brazilian stars; Neymar and Goose, they remained missing, and only through some isolated play, like a shot from the Milan player, Thiago Silva, that was about to be the tie. Menezes in such a situation, brought out Hulk for a midfielder and changed the system with three midfielders for a more risky one. Porto's powerful striker, he was going to wake up his team, llevando el peligro a la portería del mexicano Corona y por fin presentaba su candidatura a ganar el oro Olímpico.

Brazil obviously, had to take risks, neglecting his rear. So it was going to be the Mexican team that was going to hit again fifteen minutes from the end, with the second in Oribe Peralta's private account. Hulk was going to mark the one of honor for Brazil, but it was time 90. Al final, the Mexicans climb to the top of the Olympic podium and leave another batch of Brazilian talents without being champions in the Olympics.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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