New winds reach the Spanish League

After Celta de Vigo's crush at the Camp Nou that provisionally places it in sixth position with 19 points, demoledor start of Sevilla and Valencia, firm candidates at least to take a Champions place and the surprising Malaga makes us think that we may be facing a forward evolution of the middle class of Spanish football. With the usual actors (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and the new guest (Atletico Madrid), the level seems to have grown.

Teams with a lot of merit since their economic level, It is far from the favors that the great ones receive, especially for the distributions of Mr Tebas, supporter of a more closed League. It's still early days but it seems that middle class football, has decided to bang on the table. But nevertheless, some of the inequalities continue and Florentino's umpteenth millionaire project, continues to win games comfortably while Luis Enrique's new Barça started with good numbers but worse sensations, seems to have lost a lot of power.

The Larriveys, Nolito, Fortress, Equal, Dishes, Berry, M´Bia, Dennis Suarez, blades and company, show that sometimes, it is worth taking a look down to discover that there is quality to spare and that not everything is based on big names and media spotlights. If we add to these teams like Villarreal and others that have not started well like Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, we can say that the league, seems to have climbed a step compared to other seasons. For the good of the League that for years was falling in emotion in favor of two teams. Only Atlético de Madrid woke us up last season. Let's hope for the good of Spanish football that this lasts.

Sergio Barres


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