The nice gesture of a boy at a party youth that has become viral

The nice gesture of a boy at a party youth that has become viral
This image has gone around the world. The ball boy who came swiftly to help a rival in trouble. A gesture that honors him. Photo: Mayor Antonio CD always cheerful

Moses Aguilar, It was until Sunday 26 November 2017 an unknown young man belonging to the quarry CD always Alegres de La Palma del Condado (Huelva). And we say was because his lovely gesture went around the world and became viral in RRSS, Moses famous for making a gesture that honors him.

A player from the opposing team to the Division of Honor set of CD always happy faced received a strong shot in the stomach running out of breath. moisés, He emulated what he had seen in YouTube videos to lie on the lawn and serve as a pillow to help a player of the opposing team could not breathe for a balonazo in the abdomen to help the boy to breathe until they reached the attendances. Uncaring that his team was attacking on a counter, He was placed under rival, back to back, to help you breathe.

Mayor Antonio, Uncle Moses and author of the photo that has been around the world, She asked him why he had acted in that way and, as told EFE, he replied that he had seen in soccer videos YouTube. The CD Alegres always hung the picture and told the event in his official Twitter account in which he highlighted the values ​​they convey in their youth football. Of course if they are all like Moses, They are doing a phenomenal job.

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