A gesture that shows that football can be wonderful

A gesture that shows that football can be wonderful
Moment when Dutch fans throw stuffed animals onto the field. PHOTO: Twitter

It's not the kind of news that usually occupy the covers sports newspapers or golden minutes on TV. abs are not the CR7, nor blond hairs Messi and Neymar. Not sports star player turn or the controversies that likes both sports media highlight. It is a gesture that shows that fortunately, this sport has always been, It is and will be much more than marketing or interest of the mass media to sell this type of whitebait.

But, what are we talking about? the great gesture of Ado Den Haag fans, Club Dutch city of The Hague launched stuffed animals from the visitors tier to tier down at the Feyenoord Stadium. The reason something precious, in that tier children they were in a hospital in Rotterdam.

The Ado Den Haag visited the legendary De Kuip, Stadium one of the great Dutch football, Feyenoord Rotterdam located in the. the minutes played 13 when faced with a tremendous ovation from the stadium, the visiting fans began throwing stuffed animals made the tier below. Team fans Hague, children knew that a child down a city hospital plant were visiting and gave them this honorable gesture throwing stuffed animals for them.

An initiative that ran through social networks the Dutch club and promoted the collection of hundreds of stuffed animals to give away in this way so emotional, certainly proving that you are a hobby of those worthwhile. A story that does not sell as much as when a crowd mess up and smashes a stadium but surely, still make, there is hope in such a beautiful and passionate sport like football.

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