Osorio: the ropes but breathing

Osorio: the ropes but breathing
Osorio sigue muy cuestionado pese haber clasificado a México al Mundial de Rusia 2018. Photo: The country

Once disputed the penultimate round of the CONCAFCAF Hexagonal, and despite being already qualified to the World 2018, Coach Juan Carlos Osorio continues to suffer the constant and direct onslaught of sectors fans and journalists who consider him unfit to sit on the bench of the Mexican National Team, although his ERA, nearly two years after he assumed command, It is one of the brightest in the recent past, stresses the criticism that he is "wasting" which many believe is the best generation of footballers Aztec history.

Strongly questioned by his tactical system and the rotation of players from one party to another, yet no one can deny the effectiveness of the Colombian, as their numbers exceed virtually all his predecessors statistics in front of the Tricolor in the last two decades.

Little seems to matter, we said, the fact that in the recent FIFA date with its victory against Panama (as a place) and the draw against Costa Rica (as a visitor)- he took the official passport for Russia.

And this is not little thing, since in the previous two processes the national team suffered terribly to get your ticket (To Brazil 2014 even verging on the ignominy to play a playoff against New Zealand), and both abounded changes and improvisations on the bench before the urgency.

Although it seems macabre joke, only 2006 To the date, They have sheathed the tricolor diver nine technical directors, "Rotations" that, but nevertheless, nobody seems to care though denoting instability and nervousness from the federal level. And those who have suffered the "guillotine" on the scaffold in which the national bank becomes, They are not improvised or coaches with few achievements:

Hugo Sanchez (Aztec considered the best footballer of all time, Coach champion of short tournaments in Mexico, with Pumas UNAM), Jesus Ramirez (Youth U-17 World Champion in Peru 2005), Sven-Göran Eriksson (Swedish, multiganador in leagues of their country, English and Italian y, and former coach of England), Efrain Flores, José Manuel de la Torre (champion three times, Guadalajara and one with two Toluca), Luis Fernando Tena (monarch with Cruz Azul and Morelia), Victor Manuel Vucetich (known as the "King Midas", because it is characterized by carrying title directing clubs: Lion, Tecolotes UAG, Pachuca and Monterrey, in the league, and Cruz Azul, Tigers and Queretaro Cup), Miguel Herrera (champion with America)…

Of course Mexican directors, They are known for their poor knowledge and appreciation for football as a sport, and more attached and interested commercial financial part'm, pues- it seems to care little ways and criticism, when they know that Osorio ensures that matter 2010 Y 2014 It took both approve: go to the World Cup, with all that entails negociazo.

What it is outrageous and unacceptable how the Colombian DT was received at the airport in the capital on Monday 24 of July, after the failure in the Gold Cup 2017: I'm clear that the “welcome” It was orchestrated by Machiavellian minds to exhibit and expose him to public anger. On other occasions, with similar ridiculous (or higher or lower), when the squad selection up to the terminal, It seeks them out of the building for some “secret door”, away from the sight of fans and journalists.

further, posters in hands of children (surely they do not have a complete picture of what is happening around this topic) They make it clear that everything was planned, besides that security was disappointing, with only two policemen escort the airport itself.

Fans and press who follow the game solo coffee for several meters until boarded a van in the parking lot is humiliating and can be termed as harassment. reflectors, literally, about him, He is expecting him to say something before the microphones. What did they expect to declare? The chasing, even, Xenophobic had dyes.

further, Invalid fattened on a football coach, right or wrong, He is only doing his job, and yes, no one can say irresponsibly. Colombia is a professional bench, certificate in Europe, which is also implementing their work style, for which he was hired in our country, so no one can say cheated.

The problem is that in Mexico there is very short (and convenenciera) memory for all, not only in football: the political class preys thrive on public resources for their own benefit and leaving the population crumbs, but nevertheless does not receive the volleys of criticism and insults that if they throw a sports coach.

Summer Osorio placed almost on the ropes in the ring, but he managed to shake off the pressure thanks to federal support. Fourth at the Confederations Cup in Russia, which included a goliza against Germany by 1-4- and elimination in the semifinals against Jamaica in the Gold Cup were hard shots that seemed to seal the fate of the coffee technician. These setbacks would have to add the cruel 0-7 spanks a year ago by Chile in the Copa America Centenario, still reverberates in the minds of fans and journalists. But his ERA was a useful life in the midst of the storm.

For months the name of Argentine Matias Almeyda sounds (winner of four titles with the Guadalajara in less than two years) to take command of the Tricolor. Many they forget normally in Mexico, at least in the last two and half decades, the coach who gets "loved" by all, with recent achievements to his credit and the general blessing, soon he ends up leaving by the back door as a true "plague" of football.

This has happened with Miguel Mejia Baron, Manuel Lapuente, Javier Aguirre (Two processes) and Enrique "Ojitos" Meza, as well as the aforementioned "Chepo" De la Torre and "Piojo" Herrera, in parallel stories. Therefore it would not be unusual if the "Pelado" came to office, the medium term were identified as responsible for all the ills of the national football. But nevertheless, for now it is very difficult for the controversial owner of Chivas, Jorge Vergara, let go the architect of the most successful project it has been executed in his club.

Details like that in the Confederations, according to statistics compiled by FIFA, Mexico was chosen best attack and the most shots made the opposite frame, not worth to the constant lineup changes made by the Colombian DT, who argues that this system is part of the "modern football". True, practices could be valid on a computer, but they not appear to be adequate on a national team whose members have little time to conjoined tactically.

With the Tricolor and qualified to the World 2018, Osorio will have a "cushion" of time to prepare without many pressures combined, although it seems unlikely that his detractors tend a bed of roses for Russia.

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

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