Pablo Fernando Aurrecochea: a superhero in goal

Pablo Fernando Aurrecochea: un superhéroe bajo palos

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The goal should be tiny for front between the sticks when Batman awaits them, Superman or Spiderman. Impotence, fear or just hallucination, any of these feelings should flourish to reach the area where the players of Paraguayan Liga as our charismatic Dani Güiza, Cerro Porteno currently in. Today we present in Colgados for football, the archer who wanted to become a superhero.

It can be considered the heir to the "immortal" Jorge Campos, as it was the Mexican one of the first who dared to innovate with clothings. Pablo Fernando Aurrecochea born in Artigas (Uruguay) and from the 2009, defends the colors of the Guarani of Paraguay First Division. He made his professional debut in 1998 in his native country National, to jump to the next year Argentino Juniors. In all these years he has played in teams of Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia among them Talleres de Remedios de Escalada, Tacuary, Cerro Porteno and Buacaramanga. He has never defended the colors of the selection charrua, which opens the doors to defend the goal of Paraguay, which he has been playing more than 4 years. It seems that the post is not now a clear owner and "Basque" has already stated that it will not hesitate when acquiring dual nationality. Will we see this phenomenon defend the goal of Paraguay?

El portero destaca por algo, ¿por qué será?.
The goalkeeper out for something, why will it be?.

Possibly the first time they hear this complicated name in Europe, but the goalkeeper enjoys great fame in South America. Aurrecochea perhaps rather be remembered for his titles and interventions, and the truth that their work does not do anything wrong, but the discipline that really is a crack is looking poleras as called for those parts to T-shirts. In recent years it has become fashionable among goalkeepers look bright, bold colors, but "the Basque", nicknamed as the origins of his name, carries this topic to its peak with camisoles superhero and cartoon.

His coat in pink tones with the caricature of Krusty is the strangest we've seen, although we can not forget the Superman, Chapulín Colorado, Homer Simpson, Garfield, Batman, Popeye, Correcaminos or Tom and Jerry among others. The goalkeeper revealed to the agency EFE some time that the forerunner of the daring idea was, of course, his wife. In each game it opens a surprising clothing and is something that motivates you as a player and what dazzles the public. But they choose between the designer and who makes the final decision and we all "hung" who is.

Las camisetas del "Vasco" son cuanto menos originales.
The t-shirts of the “Vasco” They are far less original.

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