Paolo Guerrero and Nene Cubillas: Idols of Peru

Paolo Guerrero and Nene Cubillas: Idols of Peru
Paolo Guerrero and Teofilo Cubillas, heroes in Peru. PHOTO: The trade of Peru

In the history of Peruvian football there have been various figures of great stature who have left the name of the fans high on an international level. In this article we will introduce two great idols of Peru, a contrast of two players who at different times in history marked a milestone to bet on the Betting house.

We will begin by getting to know the top sports reference in Peruvian football worldwide Teófilo “El Nene” Cubillas, and then take a walk to the most representative player of the last decade of the 21st century, Paolo Guerrero.

The "Nene" Cubillas

Teófilo Juan Cubillas Arizaga, better known as "El Nene" was born in the city of Chincha a 8 March 1949. This Peruvian footballer played as a midfielder for the Peruvian national team. His sporting career and great maneuvers on the field allowed him to become known as the maximum reference of Peruvian football, as well as one of the best in South America.

For the year 1970 he was listed as one of the best players in the world, His journey in the Peruvian team was developed between 1969 Y 1982, and managed to be the third highest historical scorer of the fan team. Listed as the best Peruvian footballer of the 20th century, what at the time represented one of the most valuable players for bookmakers.

Among his sporting triumphs is: best young player, Bronze booty (Mexico of 1970), champion and best player of the Copa América 1975. And one of the best offensive midfielders in the history of Peruvian football, in which he was characterized by his technique, rhythm, power, and dribbling ability. Among the most famous were his free throws and long distance to execute them.

In the world, for him 2008, IFFHS recognized "El Nene" a total of 268 many in 469 official meetings, ranking seventh among the top scorer midfielders in football history, beating Maradona (259), Rivaldo (229), among others. In the year 1972 He was awarded as the South American Footballer of the Year, beating Pelé in votes.

His record as the top scorer in the history of his team kept it until June of 2016 when the player Paolo Guerrero beat him in the Copa América of the 2016.

The new generation, Paolo Guerrero

Jose Paolo Guerrero Gonzalez, known in the football field as "El Pistolero", "The predator", "The warrior kills", count as 36 year old, and currently belongs to the SC Internacional team where he plays as a center forward.

Its beginnings were in the minor division of the Alianza Lima, where he failed to make an official match, over the years and his performance on the field managed to be signed by Bayern Munich in the year 2002, set that achieved the Regionaliga Sur.

He has been awarded the Bronze Ball after scoring the winning goal against Chelsea in the Club World Cup at the 2012. That year he was recognized as the best footballer in South America. At 2014, he was the best striker in Brasileriao, with which he achieved the silver ball of the Brazilian league.

With the Peruvian soccer team he is recognized as the top historical scorer after accumulating 39 targets in 103 matches, with which he surpassed Teofilo Cubillas. Being also, the third player with the most matches made in the history of national football, hence its fame to enter as an option to bet in bookmakers.

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