Large pufos of the Spanish League: Petros Marinakis

Large pufos of the Spanish League: Petros Marinakis
Petros Marinakis in his noventero chrome League. PHOTO: Panini Trading Cards

Petros Marinakis was a player of Sevilla mid-late the 90. The Bosman ruling, It wreaked havoc in the late twentieth century Sevilla was one of the clubs that made more mistakes end of the same.

In the hot summer 1996, it began to forge one of the worst teams in the history of the organization Nervion with players today would not reach Pizjuán club volunteer or engage in accommodating the public at the stadium. One of them was Petros Marinakis, a man whose passage through the League It was so inconsequential that many of you will remember and.

With a mane in the wind telenovela heartthrob and a poster in Greece, his native country, Petros Marinakis, He came to Sevilla from Olympiakos where he had uncovered supposedly one of the best players of his time Greek. But nevertheless, footballer born December night 1968 in the mythical Island of crete, as mythical as his status as a footballer, It ended up being a disappointment.

Petros Marinakis
Petros Marinakis Spain did not show in anything he had done in Greece. PHOTO: Google

That summer 96 for Svevilla was not the best

To make matters worse, Sevilla gathered that season in the same costume talent from the likes of Colusso, sailor, Jeličić Y Oulida and how could it be otherwise, It ended in relegation to the Second Division. Nothing to do with what was to come in the new century.

But good Petros Marinakis He did not get to suffer this decline. With 11 matches, streaking to a discrete level, he left in March to Greece to try to resume his career in a place more suited to his qualities. As we have said before, its history in Seville was so ephemeral that the vast majority of Spanish football fans not remember, nor even sevillistas, but perhaps theHanged for football and. By the way, it seems that in the XXI century, Petros Marinakis still linked to football coaching.

Petros Marinakis
Petros Marinakis in his new role as coach. PHOTO: Youtube

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