The player who was about to die on the field and saw God

The player who was about to die on the field and saw God
Diego Graieb nearly losing his life. But he saw God Photo: Capture / YouTube

It happened in Argentine football at the end of last century, specifically the 31 October 1999 during the match between Huracan and Banfield of the First National B. The player then Hurricane, Diego Graieb, He staged a scare everyone in the stadium still remember. After a clash of heads with another player, He suffered trauma and fell so violently that he suffered a cardiac arrest that left him dead for a few minutes. Now, former player put political, He says he saw God.

A spectators were panicked and despair, to such an extent that people wanted to jump into the field because the ambulance did not arrive. Finally, the doctor Edgardo Locaso managed to save making word of mouth. Rodolfo Graieb, brother Diego, and teammate shouting: “'Diego do not go, do not leave me, stay with us”. And at that moment so critical, Diego hitherto little believer, He confessed to having had a religious experience seeing the same God.

“I saw a road full of flowers and, at the end of the tunnel, someone calling me. It was Rodolfo (his brother) and I went. When I woke up, my brother was beside me. I was dead a few minutes and saved me from Dr. Locaso and the Virgin Mary” He said the former footballer told the Argentine middle 'Clarin'.

“Two days before the accident, I had a dream in which the Virgin Mary appeared. I showed the Church of St. Nicholas, and there she stood her writing on a white blanket and another language, which can be Latin. I woke up startled and told my wife. I am catholic, but like any Christian. And I'm little church. They called my brother were really, but I was not convinced of the calls of the Virgin. Until my mother asked me to accompany her to Salta, where Mrs. Maria Livia tells everyone talking to the Virgin. And I went to the Tres Cerritos. Maria Livia went through the crowd and touched my head. Many people fall when that happens. I turn came to me and said: 'Hello Maria Livia'. She answered me, 'I know who you are'. I was shocked because I spoke the Virgin was” He had always told 'Clarin'.

Diego is now a councilman in his hometown and his brother, he became champion of Argentine soccer, It has a football school. He almost lost his life on the lawn but that experience changed his life and his way of seeing the same forever, and it came to a religious faith. Definitely, a radical change in the way we view the world.

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