Will Betis be able to finish the season in Champions positions??

Will Betis be able to finish the season in Champions positions??
Will Betis be able to qualify for Europe?? PHOTO: Pixabay

Betis has taken an important step forward last season and throughout this. To finish tenth in 2018 19 and fifteenth in 2019 20 have moved up to sixth place in 2020 21. And this year they could finish in Champions positions.

Pellegrini declared after the victory against Osasuna who will try to fight to finish in the top four. At the beginning of the season they had already announced that their goal was to qualify for European competitions. But as long as there are chances of reaching the Champions League, they will not settle for the Europa League.

Take advantage of the hot streak

The team has been accumulating several positive results and has grown. Ahora, It is time to take advantage of inertia and face each encounter with determination.

For your part, Juanmi has managed to break a dry spell in which he did not score goals and this will help Betis to continue accumulating points ahead of the Champions League. At the moment he is second in the classification of top scorer in the league, behind Benzema.

One of the best moments for the Verdiblancos in recent days has been against Osasuna. the marker ended 4 a 1 in his favor. It's a good time to bet on current football matches in favor of Betis; are displaying their best game and the results accompany.

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Two difficult encounters

Betis still needs to face the two most difficult teams in the League: Barca and Real Madrid. And reviewing the latest results there is not much room for optimism. Last year they lost against the Catalans by 2 a 5 at the Camp Nou and for 2 a 3 at home. against the whites, the electronic remained at zero in the Bernabéu and 2 a 3 when it was their turn to play at home.

In the first leg of this season they lost by one goal against Real Madrid and beat Barça by 0 a 1. But you have to keep in mind that December's Barcelona was very different from today's.

Sin embargo, against the meringues, they might stand a slim chance. The Champions League final is scheduled for 3 days after Real Madrid – Betis. Madrid has plenty of points in the league and it is to be hoped that the heavyweights will rest if they qualify for the final. And it is a situation that the verdiblancos should take advantage of.

Fighting against Atlético and Real Sociedad

As is the classification, the fight for the last place in the Champions League will be against these two teams. Both have a pending confrontation on the last day, that will cause one of them to lose points in the race for the Champions.

The Real calendar is a little easier than that of its competitors, Well, he only has two complicated rivals left: Barca and Atletico. The colchoneros have the duel with Real ahead of them, the derby with Real Madrid and a game against Sevilla.

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