Real Madrid 5- Athletic 1: the best of Benzema and applause at the Bernabeu Llorente

Real Madrid thrashed 5-1 to an Athletic Club de Bilbao weak in defense, in Luka Modric's best match as a madridista, sharing the limelight with a brilliant Karim Benzema, on a night in which the Santiago Bernabéu did not position itself before the laments of Cristiano Ronaldo but instead before Fernando Llorente, to which they applauded when he came out to warm up.

Athletic Club de Bilbao has not waged war at the Santiago Bernabéu for years. This time harassed by casualties, without his' brain’ Ander Herrera, everything went against him. With the wind blowing in your face, Marcelo Bielsa opted for courage. He came out brave and bothered Real Madrid for twelve minutes. Doing the whole game were big words.

Because the Madrid team is without a license to fail. Squeezed to the maximum in his pursuit of Barça, paying the toll of an uneven start to the season. After the scare of Levante he had to bring out the forcefulness. He did it protected by the return of Benzema and with Modric exploiting his best version dressed in white.

What should be a referendum on Cristiano, after a new complaint of lack of affection from a Portuguese who started the season sad and whose environment begins to filter a possible exit at the end of the season, it was a night of silence around her figure. Madridismo has already shown him that they love him. The shadow of the millions appear in the background and the fans of the Bernabéu never liked those who seek millionaire renovations with aspects that leave the field of play.

Cristiano played, with the same courage that he did in the Ciutat de Valencia after seeing how his eyebrow opened before the elbow of David Navarro and the mistake of when he played accelerated to score after a double from Leo Messi. The first one he had came to mind. I do not doubt it. He launched himself for the ball and just the collision with the defender took him in the face. In delivery and professionalism no one can reproach you for anything.

Athletic's eighth consecutive defeat at the ‘Coliseo de la Castellana’ came in a duel broken by his defensive weakness. It lacked forcefulness and there were plenty of spaces. They were enjoyed by an inspired Benzema, like a fish in water on its return. A long ball by Modric was controlled by the Frenchman in the race and in a thousandth of a second he stung the ball helped with Aurtenetxe's clearance attempt, to overcome Iraizoz from above.

Modric began to appear in any corner of the pitch. Finest. Brilliant on the pass. Coupled with José Mourinho's system on the first day, a midfield without a destructive figure worked perfectly.. Without Essien or Khedira. With Xabi Alonso and Mesut Özil.

Real Madrid unleashed its most vertical football. Iraizoz began to sweat. Your first stop at Cristiano. Helped by his defense to avoid Callejón's goal. Safe from Ronaldo's distant shots. Brilliant of reflections before the first head of Sergio Ramos, but beaten beforehand before the second. Ozil's lateral foul perfect at the head of the Andalusian defender, that on the plate marked the second.

Athletic suffered a gale of occasions. Surpassed in all respects. Without knowing how to stop Madrid football when the goal of the night arrived. He received a ball from his back to the goal but knowing where the goal was. He turned to his right profile and in a foreshortening he took out a left foot adjusted to the stick.

It was his second goal in the league but the Frenchman showed that he contributes much more than so many to Real Madrid football. The only defensive error of Mourinho's team was taken advantage of by Ibai to score the honor goal. Iraola broke on the right and the pass back adjusted it to the post with his shot the midfielder.

The duel seemed doomed by the superiority shown by Real Madrid but at the restart Athletic could get into the game. The referee did not see a hand of Coentrao within his area to the 54 minutes. Only two later Benzema gave a goal to Özil that he scored at pleasure culminating a counterattack.

They all scored and Cristiano continued in his fight against himself. I was trying with my head. Outside. With powerful left-handers that Gorka rejected. Shots that did not find a door. The fans of the Bernabéu appreciated his dedication and finally dedicated his song to him. There was no mass bath expected.

Modric was still having fun. Two bicycles and a left foot for Iraizoz, the best of Athletic, show off reflections. Sami Khedira also returned with a goal. On Arbeloa's play, with a dry shot down that the Basque goalkeeper did not catch. A new win for the rojiblanco team at the Bernabeú in a classic Spanish football duel. Those of Bielsa are the team with the most goals in Primera with 26 many. Its reconstruction must start from the defense.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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