Rubin Kazan 0- Atlético de Madrid 1: Simeone will not repeat title despite the goal Falcao

Rubin Kazan 0- Atlético de Madrid 1: Simeone will not repeat title despite the goal Falcao
Rubin Kazan 0- Atlético de Madrid 1: Simeone will not repeat title despite the goal Falcao

He dropped the champion with dignity, but without heroism. Against an opponent locked up on its own initiative, Atleti sent, Of course, How could I not: 0-2 against Rubin and waiting with nine men in your area. I send, but without authority or resources. A man playing a drum with no ability to surprise. Not a measly violin. It was the feeling that Simeone Moscow had decided to take some of his creative midfielders (Arda it, to a lesser extent, Boil) the outcome would have been happy. He decided to gamble double or nothing Cup and now Wednesday's game will mark the Pizjuán whether a pint of extraordinary season, it is merely satisfactory or ends with almost tied Champions.

Shame because the setting was conducive to the deed. For a start, the attacking half was not so. To be played in Moscow because his ten degrees below zero were compared with spring falling in Kazan, single 1.500 fans flocked to the desert Luzhniki. One would call them brave if it will not be because 26 who traveled to Russia athletic Ulysses become a trekker and get very expensive adjective. And Rubin made it clear from the beginning that he did believe in the comeback: all packed in your area except the poor Rondon, sent to their fate 50 meters ahead.

But the plan was not reckless Berdyev before a Atleti in 180 Domain minutes he scored just one goal in extremis. China Arda me Koke, to the center of the field Atletico seemed those nine foes 90, just imagine a wall with hanging balls or exceed distant shots. The grass, nor for cows, which was artificially. Adrian remembered only that the ball rolls, giving clear signs of improvement despite their tendency to err on the final decision, the area is his kryptonite.

Simple insistence, chances were falling. Falcao shot from the flamboyant, but resolute Ryzhikov deflected for a corner; marrado a shot from close range by Falcao after Adrian decided not to throw it and a miraculous appearance of Kysliak another killer pass Asturian. Although the clearest gave the keeper with a league out very neighborhood that killed Kuzmin taking a ball in goal, after a rebound, It seeped.

The best news break was confirmation that Saul, to their 18 years, It is already to take a leading role in the first team. Manquillo also put pressure on Juanfran. A lack of Óliver, the quarry and arrives. The party called for a boost for the second half but when Simeone looked at the bench recalled that he had left in Madrid. So the picture did not change, although Rondón managed to give a few frights in his lonely battle against the world.

Saul invented the clearest chance, but César Navas saved the home team, would end up coming, how not, the only move that had more to do with football with desire. Grand Adrian and Falcao remacha. Too late. It was already the minute 84 and even red card to Navas rescued the Atleti. A hubbub at the foot of Miranda, a kick out of onion and nothing else. The champion fell because really never interested too hold the scepter.

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