The City of Valencia, Simeone's historical nightmare

El Ciutat de Valencia, la pesadilla histórica de Simeone
The Ciutat de Valencia is the cursed field of Simeone. FOTO:AFP

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He City of Valencia chokes Simeone. The Argentine coach must look with some fear every time he has to visit the Levante stadium and that is as a mattress coach, Cholo has only won 1 Time in 10 years in the granota fiefdom. En total 2 times as a visitor but the other was in the Cano de La Nucia Way, field to 120 km of Valencia in which Levante played while doing the roof works after the stoppage of 2020.

And is that with Simeone what is it possibly the best coach in the history of Atlético commanding, Levante even beat Atlético one day when he could celebrate the title as champion of 2014 but ended up falling in the Ciutat de Valencia for 2 goals to 0. A couple of years later with Levante declined in 2016, He was also able to beat an Atlético who was fighting for the highest 2 goals to 1. And it is that for Simeone, going to Valencia to visit the Ciutat has become his headache. Without going any further, he ended up expelled in the last 2-2.

Eso si, Simeone's only victory at the Levante house went big. Nothing more and nothing less than a 0 a 5 en la temporada 2017-18.

The numbers of Atlético de Simeone in the City of Valencia

Simeone's luggage in the City of Valencia is 3 defeats, 5 draws and 1 victoria. like we said, Simeone's other away win against Levante, it was in june 2020 in the post-pandemic resumption and it was in La Nucia due to the works of the Ciutat de Valencia.

Results of Atlético de Simeone in the Ciutat de Valencia

08/04/2012: Levante 2 Atlético 0

19/08/2012: Levante 1 Atlético 1

04/05/2014: Levante 2 Atlético 0

10/05/2015: Levante 2 Atlético 2

08/05/2016: Levante 2 Atlético 1

25/11/2016: Levante 0 Atlético 5

18/05/2019: Levante 2 Atlético 2

17/02/2021: Levante 1 Atlético 1

28/10/2021: Levante 2 Atlético 2

The Ciutat de Valencia a cursed field for Atlético in the 21st century

Levante's fiefdom does not bring good memories to Atletico fans in general, not just Cholo Simeone. Without going further, in the season of ‘One Year Old in Hell’, in the day 1, the Levant endorsed him a 4 a 1 to Atlético with a spectacular Felix Ettien. And in 2014 he delayed the athletic alirón after beating him 2 a 0 in the City.

Atlético's balance in the 21st century in the Ciutat de Valencia is: 6 defeats, 5 draws and 5 victories. A fairly balanced balance especially since the arrival of Simeone who is the coach who has lost the most against Levante at home. I said, the Ciutat de Valencia is Simeone's nightmare.


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