Olympiakos 0 Levante 1 : Levante continued its triumphant ride through Europe

Olympiakos 0 Levante 1 : el Levante continua su paseo triunfal por Europa

Last update 22 February, 2013 by Alberto Llopis

Levante had the opportunity to enter history through the front door. JIM's team arrived in Greece with the idea of ​​overcoming a tie that was very expensive after the 3-0 of the going, played last Thursday at the Ciutat de Valencia stadium. The granotas, debutants in Europe, they are dazzling in this competition due to the results achieved so far.

During the match preview, the granota coach had warned that the game was not going to be a walk and that the classification had not yet been achieved. Granota fans, suffered like no one, They did not see them all with them despite the tremendous superiority shown by the Valencian team in the first leg and the overwhelming result achieved in Valencia. The truth, is that the doubt should offend, because the set of JIM, it is characterized by being a very reliable set.

But the team, full of breed and do not get confused also quality, he was going to take care of ending the fears and making it clear, that although Olympiakos is the Greek champion, The uprising, it is much superior. And is that the difference between the Spanish League and the Greek is so abysmal that possibly Olympiakos, I would be playing in Spain for not descending.

As we say, Levante wanted to make things clear from the beginning, Barkero was going to have the first chance of the match with a Olympiakos- Levante gol de Martinsshot that was going to go after hitting slightly over the crossbar. It was going to be the first notice, Well, in the next play like the one that says, Obafemi Martins, who was playing his second game in Europe, he was going to score his second goal, putting a resounding four-goal difference on the scoreboard and forcing Olympiakos to score 5 if I wanted to pass the tie.

Granota seriousness, was going to mark the future of the first part. Olympiakos with the need to score 5 goals was going to be launched towards the goal of Keylor Navas, although without much trouble for the granota door. The uprising, during the first he was going to exhibit the superiority that has characterized throughout the tie. Before the end of the first part, the referee was going to swallow a clear penalty from Carroll, Olympiakos goalkeeper to Obafemi Martins. The play was going to end with a tangana and a yellow for two players of the Greek team and another for Ballesteros. Al final, the first part was going to end the advantage for the granotas, who at that time had almost both feet in the next round.

The second part, it started with Michel, el entrenador del Olympiakos, trying to revolutionize his team with more offensive changes to try a machado, which objectively seemed almost impossible. The tonic of the game was the same, Olympiakos tried to reach the Levante gate, but it posed little danger. In a dangerous counter, Olympiakos was going to miss a clear chance to score even if it was the goal of honor.

The minutes kept passing and playing in favor of a Levante that was having a clear superiority throughout not only this game, but throughout the entire tie. The game was pleasant for the granotas, so much that it gave the impression that they could be playing five games and Olympiakos could not with Levante. Keylor Navas was still going to have time to show off and make a beautiful stop for the photo, avoiding what would have been the goal of honor for Olympiakos. End of a match and a tie in which Levante has been far superior to its rival, and in which it confirms that it is the revelation of the Europa League and all of Europe. Attention to data, 10 games played, 7 victories, 2 ties and just 1 defeat. He “JIM Team” keep making history.

Alberto Llopis

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