Duda vio a ghost in the City of Valencia

Duda vio a ghost in the City of Valencia
Duda declaró haber visto un fantasma en una de las porterías del Ciutat de Valencia y que este 'ente', had made him miss a goal. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

Doubt, Portuguese player for Málaga at that time, claimed to have seen ghost fly over one of the goals of the Valencia City, Levante Stadium. Sometimes the paranormal world can be present in something as earthly as it is the noble art of football. The anecdote years later came to tell himself Iker Jiménez, more specialist in these topics.

Doubt and the ghost that made him miss a goal into an empty net

Let's go to the 1 May 2005, the place, Valencia, the place, the Estadio Ciudad de Valencia, the house of the granotas. They play Levante and Malaga. The uprising, It was in the doldrums after a brilliant start, but with a very bad streak he walked toward the low end of the table. Hand Bernd Schuster, He could not find the required course. That afternoon, Orriols came to Malaga, with two former granotas; Doubt and Miguel Angel, both protagonists in this story.

The Malaga, won 0-1, Duda when he was alone in front of the goal of Goal Orriols. must, Levante goalkeeper then, I was already sold when suddenly, Duda passed the ball to his teammate and former granota Miguel Angel, failing between the two goal a resounding. The respite from the failure of the two former granotas was celebrated in the stadium although in the end the victory would be for the Malaguista team.

The best and why this story we arrived late in the game, when when asked by the clamorous failure Duda, He replied that he had “seen a ghost” and said that “someone crossed me, what it was not, but it's what I saw at that time”. Scared, the Portuguese player had failed a clamorous goal, seeing is believing.

Fourth Millennium echoed the news

The history, It caused a stir in the following days, so much so that it was said that Raymond, famous Levante gardener, He had commented that an employee had seen coming from beyond the body and called police he would have taken such a statement guasa. Raimón denied making such claims and stated that they were inventions of a newspaper to gain audience.

The point is that Doubt, he missed a clamorous goal, declared having seen a ghost and the only thing missing was that they had appeared in the Ciutat de Valencia; the Cazanfantasmas; The “Pythoness” Lola or components which incidentally Fourth Millennium, years later they made a report the matter. The truth, and outside guasas, is that on the surface of the old grass and along the Levante stadium field measurements, They had poured the ashes of deceased granotas faithful. That each one, apply your own theories.

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