The best matches in football history

The best matches in football history
What are the best matches in the history of football? PHOTO: Picture of Pexels in Pixabay
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Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide, it is a matter of seeing the entire public that can gather in important championships and especially on betting platforms to realize this.

But there is something that people love and that is why you have come this far., know the list of the best matches in the history of football. Do not miss it, because this information can be essential if you are looking to compile statistics and analysis. And if you don't want to miss out on the most interesting and accurate information about football and betting on matches, lee

Find out which are the best matches in the history of football

If we are going to give you a list of such importance, then we have to show you those tastiest matches, which have left the fans with their nerves on edge and with the desire to continue screaming and celebrating.

The reality is that football is so old that we can find a long list of epic matches. Those encounters with incredible goals, with unexpected comebacks and unforgettable discount minutes.

All of the above, making this list has not been easy, but we've made it through these 9 historic matches that every football fan should have forever in their memory.

We will show you unique victories, in addition to truly painful defeats.

Argentina-England 2-1 (world Cup 1986)

The World Cups are the perfect setting to see which countries have the best players of the moment. It is not surprising to find great matches when Argentina or England play, but we know the meeting will be explosive if these powers see each other face to face.

Nothing more and nothing less than Diego Armando Maradona participated in this match and it was precisely when he himself did the goal from the hand of God, that over time has also been very controversial going down in history.

Manchester United – Bayern 2- 1 (Champions League 1999)

This meeting has been classified as one of the craziest in history and justice, this because Bayern seemed to already have the Champions Cup in their hands. But at the least expected moment Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar at the minute 91 Y 93 they score the goals that change everything.

This great event was called the Miracle of the Camp Nou.

Real Madrid - Atlético 4- 1 (Champions League 2014)

Match of the League final cataloged as dramatic, especially because Real Madrid did not win the title 12 years.

Atlético scored the first goal in the minute 36 and with this he remained during practically the entire meeting, savoring victory. But in soccer, things don't end until the referee says so, and in the minute 93 the merengue team scores the equalizer that takes them to the extra minutes where Real determines their victory.

France – Portugal 2- 1 (European Championship 2000)

France is a team that you well know historically usually has good results. In that tournament these countries faced each other in the semifinals.

Portugal took the lead in the minute 19. For the second half of the match France tied and everything seemed to show that they would go to penalties, but golden goal appeared in the minute 117 thanks to Zidane.

Liverpool – Chelsea 4- 4 ( Champions League 2009)

Another party considered crazy, which was played in the semifinals.

Liverpool is characterized by being a highly competitive team and on this occasion they were winning the match, but Chelsea miraculously managed to bounce back turning the score around and winning the match.

Barcelona – PSG 6- 1 (Champions League 2017)

An unforgettable game in which Barcelona was losing 4- 0 and managed to give super comeback ending in a 6- 1 in favor of Barca. I find that it will also go down in the history of this club.

Italy – West Germany 4- 3 (world Cup 1970)

Party considered as of the century and that it will take place at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. On this occasion the Italian team manages to beat a strong rival like Germany, after five goals were scored in extra time, something really exciting.

Italy - France 1- 1 (5- 4 after the penalty shootout / world 2006)

World Cup Final in which the teams tied, which took the meeting to extra minutes, instance that was tied again, so he had to go to the definition of penalties.

Italy beats France and wins its world championship for the fourth time.

Liverpool – Milan 3- 3 (3- 2 after the toilet / Champions League 2005)

That match was one of the most significant for Liverpool, after losing 3- 0, in just 6 final minutes tie and go to the definition of penalties where they win by 3- 2. Without a doubt, a magical and miraculous night for this football team..

Now that you know the best matches in football history Which others do you think should be included in this list??

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